10 Ways To Improve Your Local SEO – What You Should Know


Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. As a result, SEO has become more complicated, nuanced, and ever-changing.

We’ll be sharing 10 essential tips to help you get started with local SEO. These tips will help you to boost your rankings and increase your company’s visibility.

·       Make use of location pages

If your company has more than one location in a given area, you should create separate location pages. These should include name, address, promotions, and google maps of the location of the business.

·       Make the most of online business directories

Online business directories strengthen your presence online. You will get discovered more easily and your brand awareness will increase. Online business directories feature powerful sorting and recommendation abilities and can put you in touch with your intended audience.

Bleen.com.au is one such business directory and service finder platform. It helps Australian users to find services or sellers easily. It is a one-stop platform that connects consumers with local businesses and traders around Australia.

·       Focus on local keywords

Using keywords that are popular in your area is an important factor. These should be present in content, backlinks, and URL to rank higher.

·       Adapt to voice search

In local SEO, it is critical to optimize for how people make queries while speaking into smartphones rather than how they write out their queries.

·       Make your website mobile-friendly

A great user interface can go a long way to attract users when they visit website. Using bigger fonts, appealing images can help achieve that. The website should provide only useful information for the users.

·       Set up a separate homepage for each product you provide

Each product should have its unique page and set of keywords. If all the keywords are pushed inside one webpage, it can be messy. Therefore, a page should be dedicated to each product and relevant keywords to make it stand out.

·       Produce content focused on current events or local news

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Featuring hyperlocal content around events and news which are happening nearby your area can be a benefit. People will be shown those events on their search when they google about a product/service, which will attract them towards your business.

·       Google my business account

You should provide all the information about your business in this account. After which, it will appear in Google search results and Google Maps.

·       Emphasizing high-quality backlinks

If the content on your website is good, people will link it to their website. This will lead to a high-quality backlink. Engaging with influencers as well as your customers will benefit you as they will link back to you.

To get quality backlinks, you can visit BusyFox as well. They can help you publish articles and press releases which will lead to obtaining good quality backlinks.

·       Testimonials from customers

By getting reviews from customers, it will encourage others to buy and look for services from you. This will create a good reputation as well.


To thrive as a business operating online, it’s important to stay up to date. Local SEO will help you stay on top and you can use its features to the fullest for your business.