4 Splendid Hotels and Resorts in Likupang for an Unforgettable Vacation


The name Likupang still sounds unfamiliar to some tourists. This area has many tourist destinations with beautiful views. This area in North Sulawesi has the charm of beautiful beaches that you must visit.

Therefore, this area was designated as a Super Priority Tourist Destination by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno. This is done so that people out there know that there is a lot of tourism potential in this area. In addition to its beautiful nature, the cuisine in this area also has delicious flavors.

Even though it is far from the city, Likupang does not lack luxury and quality accommodation. Infrastructure and networks in this area will slowly be developed with this Super Priority Tourist Destination project. If you have plans for a vacation to Likupang, some of the hotel and resort recommendations below can be your accommodation reference.

  • Gangga Island Resort & Spa

Likupang has several small islands, one of which is Gangga Island. This island is very green, surrounded by a very exotic white sandy coastline. If you stop by this island, Gangga Island Resort & Spa can be your accommodation choice. This 4-star inn is located on the southern tip of the island. Here you will be treated to a beautiful sea view.

Each room is designed with wood and woven bamboo with white colors from the bed linen and curtains. Besides being comfortable, the interior in the room is very instagrammable. This resort has complete facilities, and there is a swimming pool overlooking the sea and a spa for you to relax. The available restaurant also provides delicious dishes.

  • Murex Dive Resort Bangka

Besides Gangga Island, to the east there is another island called Bangka Island. This island is still beautiful and has charming underwater beauty. Therefore this place is a perfect diving spot. Trees surround many chairs by the beach so you can relax. If you want to dive or snorkel, this resort also provides equipment.

The available rooms are dominated by white and brown. The color combination will make guests rest comfortably. Apart from exploring the beautiful underwater world, you can also relax at the spa or taste delicious culinary delights at the available restaurants.

  • Bastianos Bangka Dive Resort

Besides Murex Dive Resort Bangka, Bangka Island also has another resort, namely Bastianos Bangka Dive Resort. This resort is dominated by the color orange, making every visitor feel fresher and more cheerful.

Located on the island’s southern tip, this resort provides a swimming pool overlooking the sea equipped with lounge chairs. So you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset while swimming in the afternoon. The rooms provided are very comfortable and have complete facilities.

Rooms at this resort have wooden walls and floors. Even though it looks simple, guests will still feel comfortable. Each room is in the shape of a hut surrounded by green grass. Make sure you do the sport of diving when you come here. Coral reefs and a variety of beautiful marine life will be ready to welcome you! In addition, take as many photos as possible to share on your social media.

  • Paradise Hotel, Golf & Resort

This hotel and resort area is located on the plains of the island of Sulawesi. Located on the island’s northern tip, this stay is directly adjacent to a fine white sand beach with clear seawater. Here, you can enjoy various luxurious facilities such as spa services, an outdoor swimming pool, and golf courses. If you want to play in the sea, there is also a water sports arena and child-friendly rides for your little one.

Vacation is more than just the accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Likupang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.