5 Facts About Pest Control Services in Singapore


The mere sight of pests gives people an icky and uncomfortable feeling. What more with pest infestations? Perhaps, a cockroach flying over a dirty room, ants roaming around spilt food, and spiders hanging on their invisible threads.

Indeed, it would make you want to leave your home instantly! But before you do that, here are some facts you need to know about pest control services in Singapore to prevent infestations.

1. Home Inspection Will Happen

If you’re expecting the pest control team to spray pesticide on your home on the first visit, you have the wrong impression. During the commercial pest control services, they will do a home inspection before taking action. They will check the rooms, openings, stagnant water, etc.

2. You Have to Arrange Your Furniture

You also have to play your part when calling for cockroach pest control in Singapore. Before the team arrives, arrange your home furniture to let the professionals have an easier path. Clearing objects, they can move around without much obstruction.

3. Pets and Children

When the pest control team, you can’t just sit back and relax while they do the job. You have to locate your pets and children in safer areas because the termite control team in Singapore might use harmful chemicals. You can check them in a hotel or let them stay in a relative’s house in the meantime.

4. Covering the Food

Of course, you also need to cover the food before the team arrives. Make sure to put the food inside a container or Tupperware to prevent contamination. You’ll be able to eat the food again even after the pest control services.

5. They Will Submit a Report

Finally, the pest control team will submit a report regarding your case. So, make sure to agree when giving information about your home status and pest condition. They can provide an accurate account of whether you need another pest control service.

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