5 Important Things You Need to Know Before Taking Home Your New German shepherd Puppy


Whether you’re just getting started with breeding dogs or are shifting to the famous German shepherd breed, you need to understand what awaits you. German shepherd puppies require a great deal of care, and you should be very much prepared to be a part of their life.

So what should you know before you pay for a German shepherd puppy? Let’s find out below.

5 Things You Must Know Before Buying a German shepherd Puppy

You’ve gotten too far into the buying process, and you’re probably going to pay for the German shepherd puppy soon. Hold your horses!

Here are five things you must know before you pay for a German shepherd puppy.

1. You’ll have to Create Enough Space:

Once the German shepherd puppies grow up, space is one thing they will demand owing to their large size. Therefore, if you’ve reared a smaller breed before, you must ensure you create more space before bringing the puppies back home.

Lack of sufficient space to play in and exercise freely will force them to develop bad habits like chewing on furniture and unnecessary excessive barking.

2. Get Prepared for their Rough Nature:

German shepherds have a rough nature, which explains why police use them for tough and rough jobs. If you plan on rearing one, you have to brace yourself for some of their rough traits.

Their rough nature comes out, especially when provoked or when you train them to attack and use their strong bite. However, they still have their tender and caring side and are known as some of the most loyal dog breeds in existence.

3. They could be Expensive:

While expensive is relative, to most people, affording a German shepherd puppy is not something they can pull through easily. This is not to mention the cost of feeding and taking care of the dogs.

If you are buying from a friend or family, the prices tend to be favorable. However, the case is different when buying the puppies from a certified breeder like VON WA-BO. Expect to pay anything between $550 and $1200 per puppy. After that, you will have to buy other things like the dog’s food, food dispenser, playing tools, etc.

4. They Bite or Nip More Often:

While their bite or nip might not be painful while still young, you should train them that even a nip is unacceptable behavior. Otherwise, they will bite or nip anything they come across. They shouldn’t grow knowing this is acceptable because they will do it even when grown, and it will be much painful then.

5. You’ll have to Create A Lot of Time for Them:

German shepherds crave attention, and if you’re not planning to give it to them, you will have a not-so-easy time rearing them. They need to exercise a lot, and you have to do it with them. Train them how you want them to behave and give them the time they need lest you face the incessant bothers and barks!

Final Thought:

When well taken care of, a German shepherd can be a great addition to the family, they are swift and fast in action, and apart from being great friends, they work as great security guards. However, the more versatile you want, it depends on the amount of training you’re willing to invest in.