5 Key Features Your Gym Management Software Should Have 


Whether you’re thinking of setting up a gym or are currently running one, by now you are well aware that a gym and fitness studio management software is integral to run streamlined operations. Essentially, the software should efficiently do the administrative tasks involved in running the gym and leave you with enough time to focus on other business aspects such as marketing, customer relations, strategy, and revenue generation. Thus, as a business owner or a manager it is imperative that you conduct a thorough evaluation of the fitness studio management software. Read along to know the five top fitness studio software features. 

  • Online Membership Sign up

The gym management software should allow new members to sign up anytime, and from anywhere. Having an anytime anywhere enrollment process has multiple benefits. Aside from streamlining and pacing up the on-boarding process, the online signing up feature reduces paper trail, send digital version of the Contract to the clients and reduces double handling. Furthermore, some systems are intuitively designed to do more and simultaneously create a complete customer profile and save it in the customer database. Ideally, the fitness studio management software should be able to accomplish these three assignments together. 

  • Class Booking

Often the gym members prefer to enroll not just to use the basic machines but also to avail other fitness classes such as Pilates, Spinning, Yoga, Zumba etc. This is where a gym management software immensely helps. It allows you to roster classes and send alerts to clients about it. On the client facing app, the system accepts bookings and dynamically updates the number of confirmed bookings, and number of interested clients. This helps in managing class size and staff scheduling. Since, clients can make the booking at their fingertips the system allows for better customer experience. Certain advanced software also allow for recurring bookings and allow the customers to make bookings upto six months in advance. 

  • Invoicing, Payments & Accounting

Perhaps one of the key features that is required in a fitness studio management software is invoicing, payments and accounting. For every transaction that is generated, the system should be able to generate invoices, and accept payments through multiple gateways. Nowadays, advanced software are able to auto populate the relevant accounting entries and thus reducing the manual work of recording every transaction. With each transaction being recorded there is complete traceability. For recurring payments, system generates a schedule of upcoming payments due and sends automated reminders. 

  • Diet & Fitness Tracking

Empower your trainers and nutritionist with an integrated data management system such that they can access customer information in just a few clicks and provide accurate consultation. Allow your members to understand their fitness progress with their goals and consult to suitably adjust the training program. Clients should be able to track their diet plans in just a few clicks such that they can always keep up in the game. 

  • Reporting

A robust gym management software should provide on demand reports. Whether it is daily sales, cash flow statements, revenue or sales the software should be able to generate reports in a single click that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Leading software should be able to provide multi report selection with data variables as per the requirement of the management. With on demand reporting, managers and owners can review the business performance on the go, and take the necessary strategic decisions, including the ones to regain lost customers. 

Considering the benefits that comes from deploying a gym and fitness studio management software, we understand that you may be tempted to get one immediately. However, we do hope that you will actively seek for the features mentioned above and conduct your due diligence. While actively looking for the features, it is also important to notice the signs that would indicate why a certain gym management software may not be the right fit for your business model. So, a thorough understanding of your business processes is integral in ascertaining the best software for your operations. 

If you are a gym owner looking to set up new operations, it is the best time to go scouting for a gym management software as your business plan will envisage the dos and don’ts of your business. Some of the renowned names in the space are Zenoti, Phorest, Vagaro, Vigyr, Perfect Gym, Rhino Fit, ZenPlanner and Virtuagym. Personally, we recommend Zenoti for its best in class features, a highly interactive UX and very easy learning curve. The software provides all the above features and much more such as employee management, marketing assist.