5 Reasons Why Companies Conduct Drug Screening


When you go work for a company you will be asked for a drug test. You may wonder why or ask yourself why you would need to do this. However, it has nothing to do with you personally, it is just something that needs to be done.

 Drug Testing Kansas City MO is very common when you come to work for a company in Kansas City, but while you work there they may keep testing you off and on without you knowing when. Still the question remains of why would they do this. Here I will explain about five reasons why companies do drug screening.

One of the reasons would be that you are now part of a community and the community must be drug free. When you work for a company that is in a drug free community or a drug problem community the company may feel as if they need to do their part in helping fight the drug problem.

The community or town does not want to have drugs in it so if you are on drugs they will not want you around to bring in that kind of problem to the community. If you are on drugs and a company brings you to a community you are likely to spread the drug problem and get more people on drugs or start selling them. Due to the fact the community does not want drugs around a company will test for drugs to make sure all their workers are clean as to fight the drug problem.

Another reason would be for safety reasons. If you are on drugs your thinking and ability to do things are impaired making it a safety concern for all of those around you and including yourself.

You will also be putting your clients at risk for problems as well because if you are in charge of doing safety checks on items and you miss a major safety violation then the person who purchases the item will be a risk for getting hurt.

Third you expect to be drug tested because you could potentially be at risk for a lawsuit or even the company be at risk for a lawsuit. If you are injured or another worker is injured due to your performance of your duties correctly then the other person you harmed could sue you or the company. The company does not want to be sued.

The fourth reason Drug Testing Kansas City MO happens is because of the reputation of the business. If you cause the company a bad reputation because you did something wrong due to the fact of being on drugs you will get fired. To prevent a business from getting a bad reputation they will perform drug screenings to make sure everyone is up to doing the job at hand and doing it well. A reputation can break or make a company and a bad reputation will break the company.

Lastly a company or business would drug test you because the company wants to be productive and stay effective in what they are doing. They do not want to waste time because you are in the bathroom getting high, this will waste their time and yours.

A company that stays productive will make more products therefore making more money which in the long run is exactly what they want to do. If you are on drugs you have the potential to make them loose money cause of lack of production.

No matter where you work there will be drug screening to protect you and the company.