6 Ideal Home Decor Gifts For All Festive Seasons


    With the Festivities like Diwali already at their peak, these festivities call for decorating your houses with beautiful lighting, flowers also with fresh beddings. Moreover, especially in festivals like Diwali, we engage ourselves with some festive traditions like exchanging gifts with our family and friends. Although these festive seasons are a fun occasion, picking the ideal present can be challenging.

    Instead of wasting months struggling to choose the best present for your friend and family members. Simply scroll through the Portico to select a variety of presents that each express your affection in a very special manner. Portico has a lot of interesting home decor stuff available for festive gifting.

    If you are interested in gifting home decore gifts, we have put together a list below of some great Diwali gifting options that you can pick for your loved ones to surprise them. 

    1. Comforters: Comforters can be taken as a weird gift, but the concept of giving them to your loved ones is to protect them from the coldness of the environment and provide them the exact amount of warmth and love. You can pick one for your loved ones from Portico, India. They have a wide range of comforters.
    2. Dohar: The concept of gifting a Dohar is also similar to comforters. The only difference between Dohar and comforter is in their paddings. Dohars are manufactured with multiple layers of wadding.
    3. Blankets: Blankets are a basic yet meaningful gift. Because the concept of giving a blanket to your family and friends is to provide them a feeling of a gentle and soft touch of your beloved ones, Portico has a huge collection of blankets as well.
    4. Towel sets: Hand or Bath Towels are one of the most famous items which are ordered as gifts. Because towels are an amazing thing to gift, these are popular gifts, especially when you are going to someones’ house warming party as well as to Diwali parties. You can visit Portico’s towel category to find the best quality towel set for your loved ones.
    5. Bedsheets:  Bedsheets provide a sensation of comfort and tranquility. Also, always remember that selection of your bedsheets reveals a lot about your choice and desires, which makes it a perfect gift. It can be a treat to the eyes of your loved ones whenever they will see it. 
    6. Cushion Cover sets: The concept behind gifting cushion cover sets is to make your loved ones feel that they are not alone in their hard times; you can keep these cushions close to yourself; it will comfort you during your difficult times. 

    In this article, we have outlined the best Diwali gifting ideas for your friends and family. If you have liked any of the above-mentioned Diwali gifting options, all you have to do is visit the Festive essentials category in Portico India and find something of your choice for your loved ones. Go ahead and start gifting and impress your friends and family with your exquisite and unique Diwali gift!


    So, did you make up your mind about which Diwali gift you are going to give to your loved ones on the coming Diwali?