7 Common myths about effectiveness of extend delay spray for men


    Extend Delay Spray is one of the most innovative apply-on products offered by Bold Care. Yes, the brand provides naturally formulated sexual wellness products to help men overcome common ailments. But is it as safe and effective as claimed by the company? Well, if one does not lend ears to myths and fake information, it is highly effective. Yes, every product that enhances sexual health falls in the sceptical eyes of users. Is it safe? Does it work? There are several questions in people’s minds. What makes it challenging to find answers to these questions is the prevailing misjudgements. Here are some of the common myths about Extend Delay Spray that have no truth to them! 

    Extend Delay Spray: Prevailing Myths About Its Effectiveness 

    Extend Delay Spray is a uniquely designed product by Bold Care that helps delay ejaculation. It desensitises the penis area allowing men to hold their erection for a longer duration. Although many men are utilising its benefits, some are still busy paying attention to baseless myths. Here are some of the common myths that do not hold any truth! 

    1. It Induces Allergies 

    The skin in the private area of our body is more sensitive than the rest. Using apply-on products can be riskier in that part, but only if they contain harmful chemicals or drugs. However, Extend Delay Spray does not induce any allergies or harmful effects on the skin. It just desensitises the area to make the erection last longer. 

    1. It Does Not Work On Every Man 

    Yes, most people tend to believe that this spray is an exclusive product that may work only on some men. But the formation of this spray is natural and generic. It neither causes any side effects nor works partially on some men. It is equally effective. However, the delayed time for ejaculation may differ from man to man. 

    1. Spraying Becomes A Habit 

    Using the Extend Delay Spray does not become a habit or essential need anytime one wants to have sex. It is more of an instant relief solution while one works on their problem naturally. Taking other supplements from Bold Care to target the problem is also a productive choice. 

    1. It Causes Erectile Dysfunction 

    Most men think this spray might cause erectile dysfunction in the long run. Since it suggests casing desensitisation, people end up thinking it may directly affect getting an erection without the product. But it does not cause an erection but holds it. So, there is no harm in this case. 

    1. It Can Cause Chemical Reaction 

    Using the Extend Delay Spray then protection over it may cause a chemical reaction. There is no logical factor behind this myth. The product does not contain any harmful drugs that may cause such reactions. It is highly safe and productive! 

    1. Deadens Penile Nerves 

    Some men might fear using this spray, thinking it may deaden the penile nerves forever. However, the drug used in this item is not as strong or absorbent as to cause such a long-lasting effect. All it does is hold the erection for a few minutes. 

    1. It Contains Harmful Chemicals 

    The spray contains Lidocaine 10% only. It does not have any harmful chemicals that may harm a person’s sexual functioning or parts. One just has to make sure to use the product as instructed by Bold Care. 

    Contrary to these popular myths, Extend Delay Spray is highly effective and does not impose any harm on the penis or its sexual functioning. All it contains is Lidocaine 10%, which is a completely safe drug. To get more details about the product, click here https://www.boldcare.in/extend. Purchase the product to enjoy a long-lasting time in bed!