A Better Fence Company – Making McKinney Better


Fencing nowadays has become a great business, especially in the United States. In Collin County, Texas, some cities deal with fancy fencing’s best delivery, and McKinney is one of them. McKinney is the County’s second-largest city after Plano and an area of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. A Better Fence Company is one of the leading fence companies in that area. The company is local, Mckinney Fence Company, having the vision to deliver better. The firm targets to be known for their honesty, reliability, and hassle-free dealing experience for which they train their workers and follow the same ethics.

Customer Service Roots

Besides homes, McKinney had a church established in 1848. Fiercely passionate about its history and roots, the Christian-based Mckinney fence company holds the same values and preserves it in everything they do. Despite some customers having small backyards, the company does not fail to deliver a beautiful living space. Considering the diverse choices from different people, the company charges towards meeting customer’s expectations. For some people who are looking for the cheapest option available, they meet the requirement.The organization has designed its Basic Wood Fence for homeowners who demand a new fence for functionality and economical cost. This solution is perfect for landlords having multiple rental properties or homeowners who propose to sell their house in a short span. 

McKinney Metal Fences

Inneed of a protective enclosure with a spacious feel, metal fences are best at managing that task. A Better Fence Company comes up with metal fences from basic flat top and bottom to extravagant and decorative. Before the installation, each metal fence piece gets pre-treated with a powder-coated finish. The metal fences made by the company are virtually maintenance-free that creates an advantage over traditional wood fences. The material used for making the product is galvanized steel, which means the protective zinc layer coats the steel surface to prevent rust and corrosion.

Driveway Sliding Gates

When a site has steep ramp grades that restrict one from choosing the swing gates,sliding gates are an excellent choice in that scenario. Residential localities face many such problems, and, in such cases, using a driveway sliding gate becomes a must. The slide gates come up with V-groove wheels on a track and roller guides to guide the gate and keep it upright. Gate Catchers are present on the opposite post to stabilize the gate in the closed position. The company’s slide gates have a better weight distribution than other types of gates that make it less prone to wear and tear. 

Convenient and Free Estimates

The firm understands that every individual may have a busy schedule, and it might not be possible to fix an appointment time for making estimates in a packed working day. A Better Fence Company offers an individual to select an evening or weekend appointment time. Along with the customized delivery of the product, one can choose an appointment time that fits one’s schedule.


If you want to put a fence around your property, hire professionals. They will make the exact type of fencing you want. It will make your property secure and a nicely done fence adds an extra beauty to your house.