A business can be “stripped off,” but what does that mean?


To remove a company’s name from the register, you have to remove it from the Companies House. In the end, the company will close down.

The Registrar of Companies has the power to start a strike-off (i.e. ACRA). Another reason to remove a company’s name from the register is if the company has stopped doing business or trade, or if the company’s stated goals have been met. With the Goods and Services Tax (GST) options open, the deals are perfect there.

Executives and members who didn’t pay their bills when they were fired still have to pay

People who have been removed from office as a director of at least two other organizations that have been removed from office in the last five years can’t be a director of a company for five years.

To finish or stop, there must be a difference

  • Another way to close down a business is to wind it down. A liquidator is hired to oversee the liquidation of the company, which includes the realization and distribution of corporate assets and the payment of any debts that the company still owes.
  • Striking off rather than winding up a company that is no longer in business or has no assets or debts is cheaper and faster.

Insolvency doesn’t stop a company from being shut down, but it can only ask to be shut down

However, if the following conditions are met, the Registrar of Companies can also remove a company that is being wound up from the list of companies.

In the last six months, the liquidator hasn’t been able to send in any reports because there isn’t a liquidation going on, the company’s business has been completely closed; or there is no liquidation going on at all.

In this case, a court cannot order the company to be shut down because the company doesn’t have enough money to pay for the costs. Get all the deals to price to strike off a company in Singapore.

Corporations can be broken up by the Registrar

He can remove a company from the list of companies if he thinks it isn’t still around.It will be sent to the company and its officials (like directors, secretaries, and members) by the Registrar. The Registrar will ask them to respond within 30 days with proof that the company is still alive.

Section 344C of the Companies Act allows objections to the application to be struck out if they are made in the correct time (CA). It’s a good place to vent your anger. In this case, there is no fee to pay to file it.


The company has been given two months to come up with an answer. If the company can’t solve the problem in two months, the application to strike them off will be cancelled. A new application can only be made by the firm after the objection has been settled, so it can only do this once.