A Complete Guide to Book a Doula


Many people know what is a doula and want to hire a doula, but they can’t do it as they don’t know how to book a doula. So, here is a small article about how to hire a doula. First, search online about any doula near you and then:

  • Send them your contact through their internet site or give them a phone call to inquire about birth doula services. They will respond and cover the essentials:
    • Approximated due day (to see to it if they still have room for one more household due around that time gave that they accept a minimal number of birth customers each month).
    • Where you live and your intended birth area to make certain that they serve your location.
    • Whether this is a very first birth or subsequent birth.
    • A doula will advise that parents to review their web page if they have not already, so they understand a little bit more concerning the solutions doulas provide.
    • A doula will set up a time for an in-person appointment (through an online scheduling tool to meet face-to-face).
  • Doulas for the first meet will charge you nothing, no-obligation appointment in your house. This almost one-hour conference provides them a possibility to be familiar with each other face-to-face. Doulas normally have a few inquiries to ask, and the parents also normally have inquiries of their very own!
  • Doulas will reserve a space for you for one week. Selecting somebody to support you in birth is a big bargain. Take your time, talk with your companion or other support individuals, as well as meeting various other doulas. We’ll schedule your due day slot for one week while you decide.


  • Doulas will follow up after the examination with an email that contains a reservation web link. If you choose, you’d like to progress with us; you can pick your doula assistance plan, sign your agreement, submit a brief registration, and pay your deposit quickly on the internet.