Accountant, and Types of Accountants


An accountant must take care of the financial aspects. Responsibilities of an accountant include account analysis, financial statement analysis, and auditing. 

Many other accountant professions are done perfectly by the Birmingham accountants. They are:

Certified Public Accountant

Certified Public Accountants help their clients in meeting their financial goals. CPAs are experts in organizations accounting records. Not only accounting records, but best Birmingham Accountants also are experts even and tax and financial standing.

Forensic Accountant

The responsibility of a forensic accountant is to uncover the errors. Birmingham Forensic Accountants investigate the error and sometimes they also serve as witnesses for the legal proceedings.


Best Birmingham Accountants are experts in auditing. A large number of organizations need auditors for the annual audit. The auditors examine the financial statements and check whether the records are accurate.

Management Accountant

Management is one of the best tasks performed by the best accountants birmingham. Management Accountants guide businessmen, investors in taking the right decision and ensure to maintain the financial health of an organization. In some cases, Management Accountants are assigned to plan the budget and manage the risks. Profit analysis is also the job of the Management Accountant.

Cost Accountant

Cost Accountants are assigned to examine the expenses of an organization. Businesses are always interested in making profits by performing better. Cost Accountants help businesses to make a profit strategically. They are often hired for budget preparation, risk management, and profit analysis. These Accountants are experts in improving the financial efficiency of an organization or business.

Government Accountant

The government needs accountants in bulk. It has the biggest duty named budget. The budget needs to be prepared perfectly and executed correctly. To analyze the profit, predict the risks, and prepare a practically working plant government needs accountants. Taxpaying is also one of the biggest responsibilities of government accountants. A few government accountants are also employed for private business or non-profit organizations that are run by the government.

Project Accountant

Just like freelancers working on project-by-project, project, accountants also work on short term projects. The main responsibilities of the project accountants are calculating the overall budget, approving expenses, cutting extra costs, and making a profit. The important task of project accountants is to see whether the team is provided with all the required tools and is meeting the deadline. 

Birmingham accountants perform all these tasks accurately. And the fidelity of them is always high.