Advantage of Using VPS Server Over Shared Web Hosting


Both VPS and shared hosting plans are a shared environment. They both have multiple domains hosted on the same server. However, the virtual server (VPS) has much greater flexibility.

The fundamental difference Origina IBM support is that in a VPS, software virtualization is carried out. There may be many machines within the same system, but each one with an operating system and resources allocated for its use. In essence, within a physical server, multiple virtual machines (VPS) run.

Advantage of virtual servers over shared web hosting


The main advantage of virtual servers (VPS) is that they allow you to host a multitude of websites with their own operating systems and resources assigned for exclusive use on a single server without affecting the operation from one client to another.

In virtual servers, there is an appropriate distribution of resources such as storage space, RAM, CPU processing and more. But the most important thing is that in VPS server hosting, you can configure any aspect of the machine as if it were used only by us without affecting the configurations of other virtual servers hosted on the same physical machine.

Unlike VPS, shared hosting has no virtualization of server resources and therefore: “everything belongs to everyone,” although HostingRaja takes measures to control this. There is a single Apache server where the different web pages are configured and basically, all of them share the same configuration and resources that the hosting company offers.

For this reason, it is common that in shared hosting, there are overloads on the server, even some companies get to host more than 500 websites in one server, which is not recommended

Therefore,the level of resources assigned to our site in shared hosting cannot be guaranteed. Other people’s domains can overuse the server. The overall condition of shared hosting will depend on the rest of the neighboring websites with which it shares resources.

How to decide between a shared web hosting or a VPS?


Honestly, it is not an easy decision. However, you will not have this problem with Hostingraja. If we see that your website hosting plans is not enough, you will always have the possibility to change your hosting plan and move to a virtual VPS server hosting that suits your needs.

In general, shared hosting is recommended for any web page that does not make much use of the databases or is not for professional use.

On the other hand, a VPS or Virtual Server is indispensable in cases where your company needs a separate database. 

When is a VPS Server essential?


Sometimes, it is essential to have a VPS server, since a shared hosting cannot offer all the possibilities and flexibility of a VPS. For example, you can perform SSH root access. For some users, it is essential to be able to manage their server through this remote administration protocol.In shared hosting, it is not possible to be able to give users SSH access for security reasons. Therefore, the only viable option is VPS. 

Another reason is usually the software you want to install on the server. Some application requires flexible access in VPS that doesn’t exist in shared hosting. If this is your situation, a VPS server would be necessary.

if you are unsure whether you can install a particular application or not, it is recommended that you send us the technical requirements of the software, and we will indicate the best option for your needs.If you intend to install WordPress, PrestaShop, etc …, you will not have any problem even with shared hosting.

Finally, one of the leading causes of people lack buying a good hosting resources server price. As we have said before, a shared hosting shares the resources of the server. Although, these are offered in a compartmentalized way, there will always be a limit.

If a web site or project grows a lot, no shared hosting will be able to offer the necessary resources. On VPS servers, you can expand these resources as required.