BBC History Magazine


Many youngsters would claim that history is a boring subject. However, I stand with otherwise. History can be an extremely interesting and fun subject if learnt with passion. Being aware of one’s history as well as the history of the world as a whole can be extremely beneficial for numerous reasons. 

History will help us obtain a better understanding of the world. Why certain cultures are the way they are, the importance of certain cities, buildings, art etc, evaluate war, laws, and theories of certain nations and many more such interesting topics can be addressed through the knowledge of history. It is impossible to build a framework on which to base our lives without understanding how the world and its thing’s function. Therefore, history can be much more advantageous to us than we think it is. 

BBC History Magazine

Now to hit you with some interesting news, Immediate Media Co has proudly introduced the all new ‘BBC History Magazine’ to pump up your daily routine with some amazing historical news. The BBC History Magazine is the UK’s number one selling British and also international magazine for all of you across the globe! You can now enjoy a free trial for one month and experience the best, the app has to offer.

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Features of BBC History Magazine

The app assembles experts to explore the historical heritage of the UK every month, from civilizations that existed in the ancient past, to the mind and soul wrecking two world wars that took place and many more interesting facts. 

The historians will bring out the best and lesser-known events from the past, and many other areas with the latest research to blow your mind. A bit of BBC History Magazine each day will make you feel like you just explored the ancient heritages of the UK yourself. 

All you got to do is, install the app at the comfort of your own home, or even out and about when travelling or held up at something super boring. You can always just log into the app and blow your mind with some interesting facts while delving into the past. You’ll feel just like an adventure came true! If you’re also passionate about knowing what inspires the current affairs, every issue of the magazine contains a section on the details from the past that affect the current affairs right now. So, you will always be well aware and informed of what goes on in front of your eyes. 

The app will benefit excessively for all students who love a bit of history or anyone for that matter. Why go about a boring day when you can add some historic spice to your day? Hurry and enjoy every bit the app has to offer!

Downloading BBC History Magazine

This is available there on all the app stores including AC Market App Store. Now a days this is the best known and the largest Android app store to download any app and any game freely. So, be hurry and download AC Market and start to explore the history you prefer just now. Downloading and using the app is very easy and a very comfortable process for sure.