Bento Catering In Singapore: What You Should Know


No event is complete without food. Whether your company is hosting a seminar or your family is throwing a birthday bash, you should always serve warm meals to your participants or guests. You should bring them home-cooked dishes featuring local ingredients or get a halal mini buffet service from a Singapore establishment to ensure their satisfaction with your gathering.

Ordering platters through food delivery apps or booking a halal bento catering service will keep your guests from getting uninterested, hungry, and frustrated at your party or team meeting. Serving meals is also one of the best ways to show hospitality and gratitude to attendees. Moreover, having plates of dishes at your event will allow your guests to build lasting connections.

Bento catering in Singapore is a popular food service option among many corporate, community, or personal event organisers. More and more individuals choose to get bento sets over a buffet or fast food meals due to their variety and practicality. But what is bento catering, and where can you get this food service?

What Is Bento Catering?

As its name suggests, bento catering is a food service featuring bento sets. Also known as bento boxes, these sets hail from Japan and are known for their compartments that can house various dishes separately. Japanese individuals use bento sets to pack their meals for work, school, or a day out in public. Establishments also put their food in these boxes before sending them to their customers.

Everything You Should Know Before Getting Bento Catering

If you plan on getting bento set catering in Singapore, you should learn to find and choose a skilled and reliable food expert that can accommodate your event’s food requirements. You should also see if getting a bento set is ideal for your gathering or if you are better off getting other food services.

To help you consider the appropriateness of bento catering to your event and allow you to set realistic expectations about the food service, here are a few things you should know about it:

1. Bento Sets Are Not Only For Corporate Events

It is true that many bento catering professionals in Singapore primarily provide their services to individuals in the corporate world. However, people hosting private gatherings like birthdays, weddings, graduation celebrations, or bon voyage parties can order bento sets to feed their guests.

2. Bento Sets Can Feature Different Cuisines And Diets

Since a bento set in Singapore has compartments that separate food from each other, food service providers can put meals from different diets and cuisines in this one-of-a-kind lunchbox. Thanks to this service, you and your guests can experience the perks of eating international and local halal bento catering dishes in one container.

3. Bento Sets Can Minimise Food Waste

Despite the customisable portions of a halal mini buffet in Singapore, this service often leads to heaps of food waste due to the number of leftovers it produces. Fortunately, getting a single-serve and perfectly portioned bento set for every guest will keep you and your caterer from facing plate after plate of excess food.

4. Bento Sets Are Aesthetically-Pleasing

 If you want your guests to remember your event, you can serve their food in a visually-appealing bento set. Moreover, putting their meals in these boxes will encourage your attendees to dive into and savour the food you serve.

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