Bluetooth Mouse Comparison Test


In recent years, the wireless mouse has become very popular. The experience is the same as the wired mouse.  It is almost imperceptible the performance difference if it is not a particularly sensitive user, a senior electronic competition player or a higher-level professional player. One can feel the freedom and carefree without mouse wire. With a Bluetooth mouse, there’s also one less receiver to occupy the precious USB TYPE A port on a laptop. To buy Bluetooth Mouse in UK has become a headache for many consumerswith so many brands.

The main considerations for choosing Bluetooth mouse are: price, appearance, size and feel, performance, portability, stability and endurance.

Price is the preferred factor for many consumers. Not everyone will spend a lot of money on mouse. Most people are still at a stage where they can use it.

Secondly, in terms of size, the weight should be appropriate. It is better to give consideration to both hands. In terms of performance, it cannot differ too much from a wired mouse or a mouse with a receiver. For the vast number of laptop users, portability isan important factor to consider. It is best to pack and leave. In terms of stability, there must be a stable connection, strong anti-interference capability, no frame loss or poor connection. In terms of battery life,the stronger the battery life, the better.This can save the cost of replacing the battery.

HONOR Bluetooth Mouse has a pure black appearance.It is low-key and luxurious, and feels skin-friendly. The single No.5 AA battery it uses can improve the user’s hand feeling and reduce the weight of the product. The LED lamp provided by the mouse can remind the user to replace the mouse battery.Users don’t worry about how long the power of the mouse can last. The Bluetooth 4.2 connection protocol is supported. The middle roller is made of rubber instead of metal. Bluetooth mouses at this price are basically made of rubber.

Compared with Razer’s Bluetooth mouse, 250Hz has a high rate of return and is smooth to use. A pebble-like grip. Small and portable. It has its own advanced receiver storage slot. The wake-up is quick and the movement is crisp. But the shortcomings areobvious. Too small a volume leads to long-term use.It is easy to cause hand fatigue. The roller is infinite and has no scale switching. When rolling, it feels slightly astringent. In order to last long, it reduced the design of breathing light on the mouse. In addition, 2 No.5 batteries are used, which makes the center of gravity of the mouse difficult to grasp.

Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. In contrast, HONOR Bluetooth Mouse is more suitable for business office and has a good hand feeling. The high rate of return of Razer mouse can also be used by game players.