Buying Off-Road Tyres, What Should You Be Looking At?


So we already know that tyres are very important. They are the only part of the car that comes in contact with the road. This can mean the difference between getting to where you’re going in one piece or not getting there at all. When you come to think of it, it really doesn’t matter how much of a badass your car is. Even if it comes with the world’s best suspension system, great electronic warning unit, world’s most powerful engine but shoddy tyres, you’d still be very frustrated especially if you’re driving off-road.

Good tyres, the right ones for that environment provide grip, traction, handling and help give a ride as smooth as possible.  Tyres for off-road usage are not designed like your average tyres. They take a lot of beating, they go through roads of uncontrolled territory. Sharp rocks, mud, stones, snow, shingles, sand and everything in between, to top it all off, they all then have to go on asphalt. One tyre, therefore, this has to be tough, puncture-resistant and have great grip.  So what are the factors to consider before getting off-road tyres in Dubai?

The terrain of where you’d be driving

Obviously, this is a no brainer. Knowing the terrain will give you a very good idea of the expectations you should have of your tyre, therefore you’d have the go-ahead to meet it.  When purchasing your off-road tyres Dubai, remember that they come in different types. Some are designed for rocky places, while others are for snow and some still thrive in muddy environments or water crossings. Some tyres are built to be able to do more than one of these things. Specialized tyres perform best, but then you might be going through more than one type of terrain, this also has to be put into consideration.


This goes without saying; all the knowledge in the world of the best tires for your car will do you no good if you can’t afford them. Yokohama, BF Goodrich and Kenda are amongst some of the companies that make very good off-road tyres. You should know how much you intend to spend or how much you can afford for off-road tires. Truth be told, these are generally more expensive than your regular tyres. We understand this at, therefore we do offer discounts sometimes. You could call our customer care on +971 5562 69517 to know if there are discounts on offer or payment plans.

Tyre Size

This is also very important, cars can use more than one tyre size, and they all come with advantages and disadvantages also. What would determine would just be what your needs for the car are. For example, taller tyres would give good ground clearance which is perfect for off-road driving. They also have lower RPM (revolutions per minute) this makes them consume lesser power, for better fuel efficiency.  Then wider tyres give better stability and are better for rounding corners. Tyres which are shorter, however, are more revvy, offer more power. So it all depends on what you expect from your car. For off-road tyres, height and balance are very good. Of course, power is also important. If you’re confused about how to fit your cars, you can contact Not only will you get advice, but we also have an assortment of excellent off-road tires Dubai.