Choosing The Right Size of Painting for Your Wall Including the Frame to Fit Perfectly


A beautiful painting enhances the beauty of your home décor and takes it to another level. You know your taste, style, and budget, but consider taking into account the shape and size of the wall too where you will put up the new painting.

It sounds easy to just measure since artists would always provide you with the dimensions of the original painting. However, considering the size of the frame is also important as it will be a part of the painting.

While you are looking for a perfect painting, it is difficult to miss the story of Lana Zueva who is a full-time oil painting artist. She made oil painting her favourite mediumever since her teenage days when her passion for art began. Her true vision of artistry is defined explicitly in her work that are displayed on her website Lana Zueva Oil Painting Artist.

Some of her main works include portraits, still-life, landscapes, and animals and she enjoys painting them all.  She has a huge gallery of art exhibits displayed on her website that has been captioned just as artistically as her work like Calm Mountains, Ocean Sparkles, Red Apple, Red-Backed Fairy Wren, Wild Flowers Bouquet, and much more.

Including the frame size while buying a painting

When you shop for paintings online, the artist usually gives you the size of the artwork piece that is the actual painting.

  • The first is the width that is measured horizontally
  • The second is the height that is measured vertically
  • At times, there is a third measurement, the depth of the canvas

If the painting is being sold with the frame, you will be provided with both the image size and the frame size. This information helps buyers to make a good purchase as they get a better idea of the exact size of the finished piece of art.

Buying a work without measurement

If you are buying a work without measurement, it is safer to go on the larger side.

  • Empty wall space can overshadow a small work
  • Take framing into account if you are buying an unframed piece
  • Remember that a frame and matting are going to add a few inches to the piece
  • Check and measure the shape of your wall space
  • Go for a portrait orientation of artwork that would give a sense of height and openness.

Developing skills for selling paintings online

It is advisable to follow a few things looking at the increasing competitiveness of the online market.

  • Give more details about the art piece you are selling.
  • Show the unframed closeup of the art with different perspectives
  • Sell the paintings through photographs
  • Take the help of a professional photographer to do this for you
  • Provide information that would put the virtual artwork into reality with which the buyers can relate easily.
  • Leave out the matting and framing for the jurors as they want to see your style and technique.

You will get perfect good-sized artwork from painting artist Lana Zueva. She creates artworks in different styles that bring energy, deliver messages and translate the feelings and mood in the best possible way.