Conventional Shelf For Pallets


As for industrial shelving, the most comprehensive solution in the market is the standard pallet rack, also known as a selective rack.

Conventional Shelving For Pallets

With this industrial shelving, we get access at all times to all cargo units. It is what is known as chaotic storage. Some users of storage units references find in this storage system a optimized solution.

The standard pallet rack is formed by metal shelves that adapt to different weights, formats, and volumes in terms of the loading units. An added value to these storage systems is that they can be combined with shelves for manual loading (picking) at lower levels, which gives us excellent control of the goods. Visit this website to get your storage unit.

Advantages Of Conventional Pallet Racking

Here are some of the essential advantages of conventional pallet racking:

Decrease In Costs

The standard pallet rack is the most flexible and economical industrial storage system on the market. The implementation of these shelves in self-storage units or industrial storage units is straightforward and, also, they adapt to the changes that the company requires according to their needs.

The cost savings derive from an increase in productivity since as we have direct access to each pallet for its agile handling and exhaustive control of the load, together with the possibility of performing picking operations at the bottom, we save time in the operations of the store.

Space Saving Available

With this storage system, we can optimize the available surface of the storage unit since conventional pallet shelves correctly adjust to the unit space and keep the items in the order.

To further optimize the available space, double-bottom shelves can be installed.

We also have to take into account that taking advantage of the lower levels to prepare orders also implies saving the available space, since we do not have to allocate other areas for it.

Great Versatility

The conventional pallet racking is very versatile because:

  • They are combined with shelves for picking and manual storage.
  • They are designed for the storage of goods of different weights, sizes, and shapes.
  • They allow building self-supporting warehouses since the own shelves form the skeleton of these great works of engineering.
  • They allow direct and unitary access to each reference, without being necessary to move pallets (except for the double bottom).
  • It adapts to almost all elements of maintenance.
  • It is compatible with the rest of industrial storage systems, either as a compliment or as the primary storage solution.

In summary, this industrial storage unit system presents its main advantage in that we have access to the merchandise at all times, so it is perfect for a wide variety of companies from different sectors.