Do You Want To Practice Skateboarding While Raining?


Some of you may be living in a rain-affected area or often there maybe snow for a long time and in such situations, you may need to think of an alternate way of skateboarding. During rains, skateboarding may not be a very good idea either. Your best electric skateboard may even get ruined too.

You must try to maintain a distance from water when you are using your skateboard as far as possible. Better to keep the skateboard dry by using a certain rain cover.

However, if your skateboard has already got wet then you must dry it. You may park it in any dry place and try to avoid riding it. If it ever gets wet then it will become less durable.

During the rainy season, you can practice skateboarding in the following places.

  • Indoor skateparks
  • Garages and parking places
  • Practice skating in your garage
  • You can also prefer any abandoned buildings
  • Carpet skating

How to maintain your skateboard during rain?

You can get an off-road electric skateboard for all-terrain from Maxfind at a very low price with a very good specification. However, during the rainy season, you must seal the edges of your battery case, and also all gaps with silicon. Also, seal the motor controller by using a spray sealant.

By chance, if you were caught in the rain while riding your skateboard then do the following:

  • Dry your skateboard

After using the electric skateboard in the rain, you must dry all surfaces as much as possible, especially the charging port, before re-inserting it. Then, with the board flipped upward, use the cruise mode on the remote control for operating the motor wheels for about half an hour to ensure the water has dried out.

If your skateboard was ever submerged in a large puddle and you have good technical skills, you can disassemble it and wipe all its parts clean.

  • Clean the bearing

Your bearing may become rusty, causing it to seize and perhaps hurl you off your board. As a result, after riding it in the rain or across a puddle, you should inspect the bearings.

Bearings can be oiled, but not excessively, and the oil should be wiped dry as much you can.

If you discover your wheel speed has changed or is making unusual noises, align the motor shaft position with WD-40 descaling lubricant multiple times.

You can also share your experience of driving your skateboard while raining on a social network like Pinterest and you will notice that many of your friends may also share their experience.

If it rains outside while we are riding our boards, no one as such will be happy. It is beyond our control, even if we also read the weather report ahead of time, because the weather, like women’s moods, is continuously changing.

Even if any parts of your electric skateboard, e.g. wheels, motors, etc. get damaged due to rain and are not repairable then you can always buy the replacements of these from Maxfind by visiting their website too.