Does Your Child Really Need A Child-Friend/Pediatric Dentist In Singapore? 


Every kid needs a dentist. Your child’s first experience with a dental specialist can affect their outlook on dental health and making an appointment. Their first visit can also be a milestone, helping them set the stage for a lifetime practice for good dental health. Hence, whether your child needs dental scaling and polishing or invisible aligners, the dentist should make them comfortable.

Is A Pediatric Dentist Suitable For Your Child’s Dental Needs?

First impressions matter. Even a simple dental checkup requires seeing a kid-friendly dental specialist if you want to leave a positive experience for your child. Some families consider hiring a family dentist where every member of the family, young and old, can get to see the specialist now and then.

On the other hand, some look for a reputable pediatric dentist in Singapore via referrals or visiting a local clinic. They might be more costly in some cases. The average consultation that pediatric dentists often charge is around $50 to $150 or more, depending on the dentist themselves. Nonetheless, they are well-trained and equipped to take care of your little ones and their dental health.

Children will ‘age out’ once they reach a certain age above 12 or 13. Still, many children get the benefit of meeting their special attention. Whether your child has ADHD or autism, a pediatric dentist can make them feel safe, relaxed and comfortable.

Of course, like any other dentists, the pediatric ones can provide various treatments, from treating gum disease to conducting extractions or even providing clear aligners in Singapore. They can provide comprehensive oral health care until the child reaches adolescence.

Finding A Kid-Friendly/Pediatric Dentist For Your Child

Finding an ideal dentist for your child may take some time and effort, especially for a child-friendly one. For one, asking for referrals from your friends or loved ones is common. Even your colleagues and neighbours can serve as great resources for finding a kid-friendly dentist in the community. Never shy away from asking people you trust (who have children) about where you can take your child for dental care.

You can browse online to find child-friend dentists or pediatric clinics near your area if you are looking for more options. Search tools, such as search engines or visiting other websites, can help you find a decent amount of results. A simple search for ‘dental implant in Singapore’ for kids or a child-friendly/pediatric dental clinic’ will do. Not to mention, searching online also lets you see some reviews from clients/other parents.

You can read online reviews if you’re unsure about the clinic or dentist. It will help you gain insight into how reputable the dentist is and how good their services are. If you are confident about the dentist because of the reviews, chances are you are a step ahead in finding a decent dentist for your child. Otherwise, poor reviews will indicate they are unfit for your child or have poor quality services/treatment. Finding a child-friendly or pediatric dental specialist would take some time, and evaluation should go along the way.

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