Embracing New Technology: Switching To POS System


Like habits, traditions are hard to break. After doing the same thing for generations, doing something new can be overwhelming. It can be somewhat challenging when you have to ask your grandparents, as I did when I told them that we should switch to a POS system in Singapore if we want to keep up with customers’ demands.

Trying To Convince My Grandparents

My grandparents were born and raised in the era when there was no internet, so embracing new technology was hard for them. They prefer to stick to traditions like always, but as consumer behaviour changes, can traditional practices sustain our restaurant business?

It can, but not for long. As the younger generations take over and become future consumers, our restaurant business will be left behind. After all, calculating things by hand takes so much time and waiting in line is not part of today’s consumers’ vocabulary.

Since my grandparents were hard to convince, I had to present some facts and prepare a report.  Below are the reasons why we should switch to using a retail POS system in Singapore.

  • Easy To Use

Instead of convincing my grandparents with words alone, I showed them how a POS system machine works. Luckily, there are several tutorial videos available online. I played this in front of them and explained that anyone could use it, even new hires.

  • Faster Customer Service

Proficiency in mathematics is essential in the restaurant industry because you have to calculate every customer’s order. While calculators help do the maths, a POS has hardware that automatically calculates the item added in one order. Thanks to this, our staff no longer need to memorise the price of dishes.

  • Convenient Data Recording

‘We could save time with a POS system in Singapore, I said. After closing hours, we often spend time calculating our sales, which can take an hour or two. I told my grandparents that the overall sales for the day would automatically get calculated for every customer order and settle their payment. With this, we could rest much earlier and prepare our restaurant business the next day.

How I Maintained Our POS System

It was challenging because we were unfamiliar with it, but eventually, we learned.  Maintaining our POS system became more manageable. We know which page of the instruction manual we should read and follow so we can fix minor technical problems.

When there is something we cannot fix, we do not push our luck and repair it ourselves. In this case, we always call the mechanics from the shop where we bought our POS system.

Should You Switch To A POS System For Your Business In Singapore?

It depends on what you want but embracing new technology is not as bad as you think. When we switched to a POS system for our restaurant business in Singapore, we gave it a chance to grow.

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