Enjoying your stay in Goa at Taj Fort Aguada


People love to visit places such as temples, beaches, forts, mountainous area or hill stations to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Everybody is literally bored to continuously work and want to feel relaxed and peaceful. So, they visit different places across the nation or world to feel chilled and enjoy the thrill of life. You can always visit the calm sandy beaches and enjoy the view of the ocean and the sun setting towards the west. Goa is one of the popular tourist destinations for tourist lovers. You can visit different places in Goa such as Shanta Durga, Vagatora Beach, Mangeshi Temple, Basilia Church, etc. if you are visiting the Taj Fort Agauda, then you can seek accommodation in Taj Fort Aguada Resort Goa. This is a luxurious 5-star hotel that provides the best amenities to the guests.

Taj Fort Aguada Goa

It is a luxurious hotel that is surrounded by a pool and green landscapes. In this premises, you can enjoy different spa therapies and feel relaxed.  Although, you are far away from your home, you can enjoy the amenities you avail at home. In this premises, you can visit the beauty spa or salon also. You can visit the ancient Taj Fort Aguada Fort built in the 17th century built in Portuguese style. This Taj Fort is located along with a lighthouse. So, the visitors can enjoy watching these ancient monuments and live luxuriously in a hotel.  It is a beautiful hotel located on a 42-acre land.  

The features that the guests can enjoy in the hotel

In this hotel, the guests can enjoy different dining options in the dining hall. They provide services for 24 hours and you can choose eating different types of food such as continental, goan food, and the food from different parts of India. So, if you want to enjoy different types of drinks, then you can visit the minibar also. You can visit the coffee bar or lounge and enjoy the hot sips of the coffee.   You can visit the spa and undergo massaging therapies to feel rejuvenated. The experts provide different types of aroma therapies also. Even when you are away from your home, you can perform different workouts to stay fit. So, you can visit the fitness center or gym. You can also meet a personal fitness instructor to perform eh workouts. If you are interested in self-grooming and want to try different beauty therapies, then you can meet the beauty salon also. You can meet the expert beauty counselors to undergo different beauty therapies. In his premises, you can also visit the Yoga pavilion to perform different yoga workouts. In this pavilion, you can do meditation to feel calm and tranquil. You can enjoy swimming in the pool and towels are also available if you want to visit beaches or pools. If you want to visit to different places, then you can buy a bicycle on rent. The kids can visit the Children’s area and enjoy different rides and games. So, you can entertain your kids when you are away from your home.

This place is perfect for businessmen also as it consists of a conference room. In the conference room, you can conduct different interactive sessions such as seminars or meetings. A printer is also available to take print-outs and a fax machine is also available.

The features that you can enjoy in the rooms

In this room, you can enjoy different modern amenities including the Wi-Fi. Even when you are away from your home, you can use internet technology to send text messages to someone call someone and also browse information. Every room in the premises is well-furnished and consists of decorative fittings. You can comfortably sleep on the large puffy beds. Some rooms are facing the gardens, some rooms are facing the sea and some rooms are headed towards the pool. In every room, you can enjoy the hot bathtub and a LED TV to watch different channels.

You can choose different types of rooms such as Hermitage, Superior Room, Aguada Cottage, etc. In every room, you can enjoy eating free breakfast.  Every room accommodates 3 adults.

Superior Room

In the superior room, you can enjoy different facilities staying in the luxurious room. These rooms are facing the beautiful gardens. It consists of Forest Essentials, walk-in-shower and also the LED television.

Aguada Room

This room is slightly larger than the Superior Room as it is 396 sq ft. it is a spacious room that consists of Forest Essentials including a gorgeous bathtub. It consists of a King Bed or a Twin Bed.

Deluxe room

It is a well-furnished room that provides the best features and amenities that consists of swanky fittings, bath amenities, walk-in-showers, and a flat 42-inch television.

Hermitage Room

The Hermitage Room is accessible to the lounge providing free access to internet and also faces the garden. It is a large 795 sq ft room that is extremely spacious

The safety protocols that the people follow during this pandemic situation

During this pandemic situation, the hotel authorities are following and implementing the safety protocols to prevent diseases such as corona virus. So, they are providing sanitizers to the guests and to everybody in the hotel. They are disinfecting the surfaces and the rooms to prevent the entry of germs. Everybody in the hotel is frequently washing their hands to keep away the germs.  They conduct thermal screening for anybody who is entering into the hotel. If any patient is suffering from any corona symptoms, then doctors and nurses are available. They provide medical assistance to the people who require emergency treatment.

Following the hotel policies

The guests can enjoy different amenities in the hotel, but they should follow the safety protocols and the rules.  Every person who is above 18 should carry an ID when they visit the Spa. They can provide various documents such as voter’s card, license card, ration card, etc as an ID proof. They should pay the room tariffs and leave the hotel at 12.00 p.m exactly. If you want to extend your stay in the hotel, then you should inform the authorities of the hotel.

So, seek accommodation in Taj Fort Aguada Resort Goa for all the amenities you want to enjoy during your stay.