Everything To Know About Flanged Slide Bearing Nuts


Flanged slide-bearing nuts play a very important role in different mechanical systems. It provides you with support and also facilitates smooth movement. The nuts play a very important role in reducing friction and help you ensure the right functioning of your machinery. Here, you can learn about the major elements of LMK slide bearing (ลูกปืนสไลด์ LMK, which is the term in Thai)

Design and Components

You need to know that it is a unique feature of these nuts, and you can find it at one of the ends. It helps in keeping your nut in one place so that it does not move during the operation. The design is likely to vary, and it is one of the most important sources. It matches the pitch of the lead screw. You must know that the threaded interface allows your nuts to move along the rod as it starts rotating.

Furthermore, it is important for you to know that the nuts are basically constructed from materials with minimum friction coefficients, like bronze plastic or other self-lubricating materials, for the choice of materials helps in reducing wear and tear. The nuts might have mounting holes on the flange.


You need to know that the LMK slide bearing are generally used in linear motion systems, for you can find them in machinery and equipment where controlled linear movement is needed. Furthermore, you can find it in CNC machines or 3D printers and automated manufacturing processes.

Precision and smooth movement is very important in medical devices. If you rely on automated assembly lines, then you can use these nuts to facilitate the control movement of different robotic arms.


The self-lubricating property of the nuts helps in reducing friction between the nut and the threaded rod. This helps you reduce the wear and tear. The presence of the nuts adjusts to the linear motion system by guiding the nuts along with the intended path. This is especially important in different applications if predictability is important.

The choice of your material is very important, and it includes wear-resistant materials as it contributes towards longevity. This makes it a really reliable component in different industrial settings.


You need to know that these thoughts are very important parts of linear motion systems. It plays a very important role in converting rotatory motion into precise linear movement. The design includes A flange for stability and materials with a low friction coefficient.