Exercises to eliminate abdominal fat: for men and women


Reducing belly fat is not an easy task. Maybe the basic steps are the same, but when it comes to exercise, both men and women must try a different way. Searching internet on how to lose belly fat will help you at some extent, but you must maintain a daily exercise routine to get rid of the fat. Belly fat affects personality, self-esteem, and confidence, for both men and women.

What to do: for men

For men, eliminating abdominal fat is not just an aesthetic matter. The first exercise is that of abdominal crunches, the most traditional: lying on the back, with the knees bent and the hips slightly apart. Keeping your hands behind your head, you need to lift your torso, also removing your shoulders from the floor, keeping your neck in the starting position. You need to take a deep breath to keep your upper and lower abdominal muscles engaged.

A variation is the bicycle crunch

From the same supine position, raise your torso with your hands placed behind your neck. The effort must be made with the abs. You have to simulate a pedaling with your legs and as you climb up, so as to favor a more complete workout. You also avoid bad injuries and make training much more effective, as you work your abs. The movement must be natural and if you feel fatigue it means that you are working well.

Another popular exercise is push-ups

You must hold the position for as long as possible each time you lift yourself, trying to extend the overall exercise to 5-10 minutes to start. You will struggle, but this exercise trains the whole body. A variant involves placing the palms of the hands and rising up by bending the elbows. If you work out in the gym, you can combine these exercises with work with weights, to support strength in the limbs and torso, also working on the abs. Squats with and without weights is also useful. A particularly useful exercise is the one with the press.

What to do: for women

As in the case of men, nutrition is also essential for women. And crash diets don’t help because they aren’t sustainable over time. From an aesthetic point of view, the problem is equally felt, but it’s not just aesthetics that count. In a correct lifestyle, physical exercise should always be present.


Abdominals and push-ups as above, with intensity related to your form. You can add variations such as abdominals with leg raises, starting on your back with your arms extended along your torso and moving up to a 90 degree angle with your pelvis. Exercise to be done slowly, focusing on resistance. For the lower abs you can do the scissor, similar in starting position to the bicycle.

Sit-up is perfect for women

The sit-up is perhaps the most famous abdominal exercise, known for its difficulty. This involves locking your legs on the floor as you move your torso up to a sitting position. So either you use a bench or you can do it with the help of another person who locks your feet as you go up. It should be performed slowly, focusing on the precision of the effort, avoiding unloading it on the arms or neck.

Cardio training

Cardio training is also beneficial, such as running a little strenuous, jumping rope, treadmill, stationary bike, or bicycle. An initial 30-40 minute session three times a week can start to give you results almost immediately. You have to increase the effort over time, otherwise you don’t consume enough calories and you don’t speed up your metabolism. It will also help eliminate the notorious visceral fat. Intensity is king so this activity can be chosen at will – basketball, volleyball, dance, step or fitness course give the same results.