Factors to consider when buying air freshener for commercial purposes


Smells have a significant impact on our perceptions. Most businesses tend to focus on the visual and auditory senses while the sense of smell gets overlooked. A recent survey has found that 71% of customers believe the presence of malodors to indicate poor cleaning practices causing the negative perception of the company. Smells can not only be associated with emotional responses, but they can also cause evasion of judgment and wrongful interpretation. An essential part of having a soothing environment is having a proper sanitation service in place. If your company is based in Johor, you should go for sanitary service Johor.

Air care systems are responsible for neutralizing the foul odors and keeping the facility smelling fresh. The other roles that air care systems are involved in are improving the air quality and preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria. With the expectations of hygiene increasing due to the recent pandemic of coronavirus, it is crucial that employees, visitors, and customers are reassured that the facility is safe for entry. Small details like investing in a good air care solution can minimize germ spread and promote a healthier environment.

Factors to consider when choosing air fresheners for the company

Type of room

Are you looking for an air freshener for a small area like a communal kitchen, single-occupant washroom, or larger areas like warehouses? The type of room and its size will determine which of these air care solutions would be most effective.

Sensitivities of the fragrance

Before you decide on which fragrance you wish to go with, you will have to determine if anyone in your building or facility has a fragrance sensitivity problem. If yes, then you should go for scent-free neutralizers.

Malodor levels

Does the room that you are planning to freshen up face a high degree of malodor, for example, washrooms, garbage rooms, places where compost bins are kept, etc.? If you are planning to buy air fresheners for such spaces, you may have to go for once, which dispenses continuously.


Find out how sustainable is the air freshener system that you plan to buy. How will it last if it is used continuously? How can you recycle it once it gets over?

Airflow amount

The airflow amount will depend on the number of windows doors and the employees. The rooms with plenty of windows and doors will allow a higher airflow compared to those with fewer doors and windows. If you are planning to get an air freshener for your company or business in Penang, check out the air freshener rental Penang.

Many companies offer different commercial air freshening solutions. These are available for different kinds of spaces, from warehouses to the single-occupant washroom. You must go for an air care system that is sustainable as well as low in volatile organic compounds. The air pressure system must have reliable components and should be able to get recycled at the end of its life.