Few Signs to Indicate You Need a Professional Service for Floor Sanding and Polishing


By installing a wooden floor, you can add a little warmth to your space. In due course of time, even your best flooring can also start wearing out because of heavy foot traffic, dents, scratches, and fading varnish that will make the wood flooring appear tired and aged.

A dirty floor will not only look bad, but also it is unhealthy too. 689 Pty Ltd is a floor sanding and polishing company in Australia that can do sanding and polishing of your floor to uplift the appearance of the floor.

Now the question is when should you seek such professional service? In this post, we are sharing a few signs that you must try to look for before you go seeking such professional service.

  • Water damage

Usually, timber flooring will be resilient and will last a long time, however, if there is water damage due to flood then you need to act fast. Water damage can also happen due to dripping from the roof or leaking from an air conditioner.

Such damage can loosen your floorboards. Hence, it is necessary to hire any professional floor polishing company.

  • Nails are peeking

During the wooden flooring installation if proper care was not taken then nails can get opened and it is not only an unnatural nuisance but it can often pain you if it ever stuck accidentally to your feet.

If you start looking at many numbers of visible nails in several part of the flooring, then it is time for calling professional assistance.

  • Sun discolouration

Natural sunlight is quite a desirable feature for your home, but excessive exposure sun’s UV rays can also damage your wooden flooring over some time. In such a case, the only way will be to fix this problem by sanding and polishing your wood floors.

  • Floorboards turning grey

In case,you find any board on the wood flooring is turning grey or brown, then it is time to call any floor sanding professional before it gets further damaged. When this will happen, your wood floors will start absorbing water, either from rain, snow, or even from the paw of your pet. You may hire professionals.

Sanding and polishing costs for floorboards

Your cost of sanding and polishing will depend on to what depth you want to sand your floor. You can hire any local flooring company for this job and perhaps you need to buy a floor polish that may cost you around $20.

You should not walk over any freshly polished floor. You can add a second application of polish for a minimum of 24 hours.

Based on what type of sander you hire, generally, floor sanding may cost you anywhere between $40 to $100 for doing 4 to 6 hours of sanding and polishing.

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