FishEyeVideo Camera app for Android


Photography has come a long way since its establishment. The development of technology has also provided many benefits to the field of photography. Starting from black and white still photographs to super stunning motion pictures with exemplary graphics and effects, photography has flipped a new page in society.

Not only is photography taken up as a profession and hobby, it also has proven to reduce stress and anxiety of many. It is indeed therapeutic. Bringing out the best of the object in front of the camera lens, photographers often tend to contribute extraordinary art to society. Many apps have been developed to support this cause and add more unique features to pictures.

Bringing out the best in all of your photographs, there’s also numerous lenses to choose from. Out of this all, the ‘Fisheye Lens’ has caught the eye of many photographers around the world. And for all of you out there, the ‘FishEyeVideo’ app has been developed to experiment with for absolutely free and with no additional hardware or hassle.

About FishEyeVideo Camera App

The fisheye lens is popular among many due to its ability to focus extremely close and provide a larger angle view while making the photograph look exciting, fun, and unique. Fisheye lenses are also used vastly in underwater photography where there exists no straight lines. They also possess the ability to provide sharper images with exemplary features and lighting.

Apart from underwater photography, it is also used by the NASA in space and many more remote locations. All thanks to the FishEyeVideo app, you can now explore your own mages with the fisheye lens. The app allows you to capture your own videos using its fisheye lens and create unique, scintillating, eye-catchy images.

The app comprises of 8 real-time effects of the fisheye lens, and you can also choose any image from your own gallery to be converted into the fisheye effect. This way, you can create your own exciting fisheye images out of the pictures you’ve already captured. Add filmy effects to all of your images and switch the resolution as you prefer. You can also share these super fun creations with your friends and family simply by exporting them to your social media platforms.


Explore a world full of fun-filled excitement and creativity with the FishEyeVideo app. With its wide angle and range of effects, you do not have to worry about missing a single moment of your capture. Say goodbye to all the other boring photography apps on your device because once you get your hands on the FishEyeVideo app, you will have the time of your life.

Capture any location, landscape, or even portraits of people with some added unique perception. Hurry and enjoy the best photographic experience with the exclusive FishEyeVideo app now!

This is not a beauty camera app like B612 camera. Provide nice and clean fish eye aspect photos and videos. If you love beauty shots try YouCam perfect, B612 apk or Candy Cam. Those are the best and free Android beauty cameras popular now.