Follow these instructions to cook the perfect steak


If you have grown up seeing Gordon Ramsey’s shows, you know how furious steak lovers can get if it is not perfectly cooked. Juicy, cooked on the inside-out, pink center, and dark brown outer crust, stop drooling! By ordering from Papa Earth steak delivery you will take your first step toward the perfect steak. However, this blog is not a recipe but a guide that will help you to cook an out-of-the-world steak. Some dos and don’ts that you will need to follow to achieve the best results. 


If you have kept the steak in your fridge, take it out and let it come to room temperature. If you cook it when it is still cold, heat will not penetrate the inside of the steak. Before you add the room-temperature steak to your pan, heat the pan to the fullest. Heating the pan ensures that the steak has a caramelized crust, an essential for a good steak.

During the cooking procedure 

Keep the steam or the temperature of your oven from medium to medium-low. Any high heat will make the streak a tough piece of inedible meat. Ensure that you turn the steak from side to side every alternate minute.


Turn off the flame and leave it for a few minutes to cool. Make sure that you rub extra virgin olive oil or butter on the crust. This will give you a juice piece of heaven on your plate. 

Following the three steps will give you the most wonderfully cooked steak you have ever had. 

You can play with the seasoning and the recipes that you find online or have been passed from your family. However, you need to make sure that no matter what the recipe is, you go through the above-mentioned steps. 


There are different types of cutting styles of beef steak-

  • Flank skirt 
  • Thin skirt 
  • Thick skirt 
  • Feather steak

Ask the butcher to get rid of the sinew so that you get a great cooking experience. 

When you are buying meat online, ensure that the smell, color, and texture of the meat are not weird. If the meat has an odor, is greenish or yellowing in color, or has a sticky texture, do not ensure the meat. These are the signs of meat going bad. Consuming such meat will cause food poisoning or extreme cases of diarrhea.