For what cases you would need a criminal attorney?


Criminal Attorney is one who handles certain cases that cannot be handled by the other type of lawyers such as civil lawyers. You need to be aware of which kind of cases can be handled by these criminal attorneys. A criminal attorney handles cases of anyone who is charged with committing a crime. The kind of crimes is listed below.

  • Drugs 

When you are found in possession of drugs or you are found manufacturing drugs or transporting drugs from one place to another, then you are charged with a crime. For these cases, you need a criminal attorney. He/she needs to represent you and get you convicted of that crime. The criminal attorneys can engage in arguments and make sure to give results that would benefit you in the longer run.

  • Sex 

When you are charged with sexually offending someone or rape charges, then it is a serious crime in any part of the world. When you are found possessing some pornographic material that is an offense or shooting a video of someone without their consent, then it falls under the category of crime. Only a criminal attorney can acquit you of these charges.

  • Assault 

When you are found physically assaulting someone, then it is a grievous offense. When you are charged with cases of assault either with intent or without intent, a case will be registered in your name and you will have to contact a criminal attorney to release you from that crime. There are very few good attorneys like Mick Mickelson criminal attorney Dallas who can handle these types of cases.

  • Theft 

When you are charged with theft cases, then only a criminal attorney has the power to review the charge sheet filed and ask for the evidence support. There are certain crimes for which one can get arrested on the spot itself. The criminal attorneys can check the documentation and even the camera evidence. If you are found guilty under that crime, then the criminal attorneys can suggest solutions and ways to get out of the case registered on you.

  • Domestic Violence 

When you are charged under domestic violence by hurting your spouse, then a case will be booked under your name. All these kinds of cases are very severe and can be handled only by criminal attorneys. When the person who has filed the case has strong pieces of evidence, then it becomes really hard to get away without passing through trials. These types of cases are the best handled by criminal attorneys as they have a lot of experience in these areas.

  • Damage to property 

If you had caused damage to public property or the property of someone else, then it is also a crime that can be registered.

  • Driving under influence (DUI)

When you are driving under the influence of alcohol or another type of drugs, then you can be booked under DUI.

These are some of the cases which are handled by criminal attorneys. When you register these cases with criminal attorneys, you can get away by paying some fine amount and not spending time behind the bars.