Gazette Name change: 


Individuals change their names for variety of reasons and the same has to be revealed in dgps gazette. A number of reasons for which change of name in gazette is done is as follows

Name change gazette notification after wedding

Name change Gazette notification after DIVORCE

Name change in Gazette because of ERROR IN DOCUMENTS

Name change Gazette for MINORS in School/College Admissions/After Divorce.

Name change geographical region Gazette For LIC, Banking, Property problems on-line Application Gazette name modification

Name change geographical region Gazette for changes in Pancard/ Aadhar card

Date of Birth change in Gazette online: A very common problem specially at the passport offices, usually some people have different dates of birth in Birth certificate and leaving certificate Or pan card etc. this can be easily rectified by publishing in the gazette online.  You just need to have the Original Birth certificate xerox or a leaving certificate to publish it in Gazette online.

Change of Religion in Gazette online: People change their religions due to variety of reasons and the Maharashtra Government Gazette makes it Official by publishing it in the Gazette. A disclosure of change of religion in gazette becomes essential in the later stages of your life for all official records

Name change Gazette after wedding.

Usually the Middle Name and surname gets modified, but in some communities, like Maharashtrians change the Ist Name of their wives too. Name change Gazette after wedding may be used in Banks, card, Pan card and type of completely different organizations.

Name Change after Marriage is not compulsory as per law. A woman may choose to use her maiden name even after marriage. However in majority of the cases where women choose to add their husband’s name and surname to their names than in those circumstances she might need to change her name in the documents like Pan card, Adhar card, Driving License, Passport etc. for which publishing name change in Gazette after marriage becomes necessary.

Name change Gazette after Divorce.

Name change after divorce in Maharashtra Gazette can be done very easily. A troublesome marriage can lead to a divorce which can be painful. You can make your own gazette after divorce i.e you can return back to your maiden name easily from the comforts of your own home.

Name change Gazette for Minors/ college Admission

This is a common requirement amongst divorced women who wish to change the name in egazette Maharashtra for minors in school records. We get a number of cases of divorced women opting for their names and surnames instead of their husbands names in schools and colleges. The Process takes approx 10-15 days. Also there are times when the minor child’s record is incorrectly mentioned or the names of one or both the parents is incorrectly mentioned in school records, In such cases gazette name change  for minor child becomes necessary and the gazette copy needs to be submitted at school.

Gazette Name change after Adoption

There are incidences wherever a family goes for child adoption norfolk va and want to allow the kid a new father’s name. In such cases associate adoption deed is important for commercial enterprise Name change in geographical region Gazette after Adoption.