Get Impeccable Jeep Restoration Services at VIGILANTE


If you are looking for complete Jeep restoration services to give your car a brand-new look, then VIGILANTE is the place for you. VIGILANTE offers full-scale restoration services where every single part of your Jeep is either completely replaced with new parts or restored from scratch. Once the restoration is complete, your car will look as if it has just left the showroom. You will be satisfied with the experience and will fall in love with your Jeep all over again. VIGILANTE also has a Classic Full Size Jeep Inventory where already restored Jeeps are available for sale.

How did VIGILANTE begin its journey?

VIGILANTE started its journey two decades ago through its sister company, JEEPHERITAGE and today, it has become a household name for proud Jeep owners. Over the years, VIGILANTE has been providing extraordinary services to Jeep owners and has satisfied each one of them. VIGILANTE specializes in restoring Jeeps that were manufactured between 1964 and 1991 – The Full-Size Jeeps. VIGILANTE restoration services keep the original design of the vehicle intact.

What is so special about VIGILANTE?

VIGILANTE has a huge team of expert technicians who know all the parts and components of your vehicle in detail. They will disassemble your vehicle part by part and will rebuild it completely after restoring each part. The entire restoration process takes about 15 months to complete but if you are not ready to wait for so long, you can also check out the inventory and get yourself an already restored vehicle. The technicians at VIGILANTE will deal with every single aspect of the Jeep restoration process including brakes, handlings, and much more. 

What sets VIGILANTE apart from its competitors is that VIGILANTE manufactures its own frames on which the body of the vehicle rests while other restoration service providers keep the original framework of the vehicle. As a result, their restored Jeeps are a lot more durable and they can handle performance up to eight times the original power (485-1000 hp). All other drivetrain components had to be adapted. The experts at VIGILANTE have the required knowledge and experience to understand what needs work on your Jeep and they will provide you with complete restoration services for your Jeep to meet present-day standards. Special attention is given to boost the performance of the vehicle and give you a safe and reliable driving experience. Everything will be properly integrated to ensure that the Jeep is in perfect running condition. 

Summing Up

So, bring your old and worn-out Jeep to VIGILANTE and bring back home a Jeep that looks just like new. You can also visit the official website of VIGILANTE to have a clear idea about all the services that it offers to the customers.