Get To Know Why the Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Cones Are Worth Your Pennies at Smoke Alley.


It’s not easy to find high-quality smoking accessories, much less ones that are aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, Blazy Susan was created to cater to the tastes of all smokers who value stylish and creative designs that don’t sacrifice quality or functionality. This blog is an analysis of the Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Cones. These cones are known for their characteristic pink color.  We’ll take you through several reasons why these pre-rolled cones deserve your attention.

Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Cones 6 Pack.

There’s a good reason why our 6 Pack of Pink Pre Rolled Cones is one of our best-selling Blazy Susan items: they’re the most hassle-free and simple way to enjoy some pink joint. This bundle includes two sets of three pink cones, and so is a matching set of pink straws that are better for the environment.

Why the Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Cones Are Worth Your Pennies.

  • They burn slowly.

The materials used to process these cones ensure that they burn gently. The longer you can enjoy each drag with a cigarette that burns slowly, the better. After all, nobody likes a roll when half the contents are gone by the time you finish puffing on it. Despite the fact that it burns slowly, the material is very thin, making it pliable enough to twist without fear of ripping the paper.

  • They are environmental-friendly.

Are you the kind of person who is always environmentally aware? Worry no more since the paper used to make Blazy Cones is recycled. Susan Pink Cones are completely eco-friendly. This is an unprocessed, chemical-free paper that won’t damage the environment. Therefore, each of these papers is completely biodegradable. That way, you can use them guilt-free.

  • It’s simpler to use than the conventional method of rolling.

While many of us prefer manually rolling joints over other methods, it’s a fact that only some are born with the skills necessary to roll them perfectly. Manually wrapping your product in a piece of paper isn’t the most obvious technique. There is always a high probability of ripping or tearing the paper and the potential for overstuffing or under stuffing, all of which may damage the quality of your hits. Pre-rolled cones make it easy to roll your own joint; simply fill them with crushed buds, twist off the end, and light up!

  • Allows one to stuff more substance.

The base is broader than the apex in a cone, thus the name. One particular benefit is that more dried herbs can be stuffed into each section than onto rolls of uniform width. This means that the smoking sessions will last longer since more smokeable material will be included.

  • Free of synthetic chemicals.

Inhaling a product that has not been treated with chemical compounds that are dubious in their safety is always preferable, and it’s good to have the quietude that comes from knowing you’re smoking a “clean” product. Papers bleached with chlorine or even manufactured from genetically modified organisms are surprisingly widespread. These Blazy Susan pre-rolled cones are free of such substances.

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