Great Solutions for the Proper Anxiety Eradication


11 Tips to Control Your Anxiety

Fear of failure can lead to procrastination or even not trying at all. The best way to overcome this fear is to face it. Write down your fitness goals, have a plan, and share it with others so they can support you and remind you to keep your promises. Some people like to train with a friend, so they both stay on track. If you fail, accept it. To fail is to learn and to learn is a good thing. When you fail, you have two choices: either courageously try again or let fear keep you from starting over. Find people in your life who will encourage you and work with you in a positive way, to make the experience great no matter what. Go for the anxiety counselling sheffield for the best results.

Extreme Anxiety Due To Exercise, In General

If your anxiety level is high, consider starting with bodily activities such as yoga, tai chi, Pilates. They are good for the body and the mind as much as they help us to understand ourselves. These types of exercises allow you to make choices about what is right for you and your body at all times. It gives confidence to people who are afraid to train.

Get some exercise


Practice a physical activity, not necessarily for long, simply to relax, get some fresh air, focus your attention on the present moment such as walking, swimming, gentle gym, yoga.


It’s not just athletes who need to stretch their muscles.

You can stretch your neck (for more mobility and flexibility), your shoulders, your back (this is where tensions accumulate), your legs (it stimulates blood circulation).

These are simple, short movements that are practiced everywhere.

Do not do heavy exercise without your doctor’s advice.

Take care of yourself and Treat yourself

Take time to look after yourself and to do things that you love to do. Your mind cannot deal with two things at the same time. By focusing on something other than your health, you may feel less anxious.

A lot of people feel better if they are busy. Some work, others have a hobby (music, crafts, reading, painting).

Everything is possible, according to your tastes and possibilities: 

  • Observe, admire, contemplate the world around you.
  • Go out: at the restaurant, at the cinema, with friends, at the museum.
  • Draw, sing, listen to music, restore an old piece of furniture.
  • Read a book, a magazine, do a crossword.

Your worries may find a way to resurface even when you are engaging in fun activities. It’s good to let those thoughts come, think about them for a moment, and then move on.

Some tips from our volunteers:

  • Find support. Don’t isolate yourself.
  • Don’t be left brooding with your thoughts alone.
  • Tell your family, your you feel. Say what you need, want (Who would want to come and walk with me?)
  • Ask for help (Who could take me to the doctor?)
  • Talk to a woman who has had the same experience as you.