Guide to the Big Wheel



If you have ever been to a land-based casino, you must have noticed a big wheel in the middle of the casino which is surrounded by players at all times. This is the Big Wheel which is a very popular game in every casino including many situs Judi online. There are always a large number of players playing the game at all times. Every player can try out their luck in this game. You can also play this game but before doing so, it is important to know about the game completely so that you are familiar with it.

What is the Big Wheel

The Big Wheel is kept vertically in the casinos. It has a diameter of approximately one meter. Fifty-two sections in the wheel are marked by either numbers or symbols. These symbols and numbers make it easy to identify the section of the wheel and also place a bet on them. The number of symbols is generally seven. Each player places their bet once the dealer spins the wheel. The number on which the wheel stops is considered to be the lucky number and the players who have placed bets on that number win rewards depending on their bets. Generally, the winning amount is twice the betted amount. 

Ways Of Playing the Big Wheel

Players who have played Roulette can relate to the Big Wheel easily as it can be considered to be similar to it. The layouts in Big Wheel are slightly complex than the Roulette. Players place bets on a predicted number and the wheel is spun. The bets are placed using the chips which are provided by the casinos. Some casinos replace the numbers with symbols while some keep both of them. After the bets are placed, the players cannot change their bet. 

After a number is decided, the dealer takes all the bets and distributes the bets to the winners according to their winnings. The Big Wheel is a completely luck-based game and there is no secret to winning it. This makes it exciting enough to attract all kinds of players, whether they are beginners or professionals. Every round in the game is completely independent of the previous results and this makes the game even more exciting.


The Big Wheel is a very exciting game that can truly be experienced in a land-based casino. There are many situs Judi online which offers The Big Wheel and you can try out them too to get a feel of the game.