Helpful insights into the health benefits of hanf oil


The use of cannabis for a wide range of health benefits is not unknown to many people. The medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant have proven effective in the treatment of many diseases and chronic health conditions such as glaucoma. However, recently full spectrum hemp oil has started to gain recognition since 2014. 

The primary reason for the delay in recognition of such a beneficial natural medication could be identified in the prohibition over cultivation and sales of hemp in the United States until 2014. The botanical similarities of hanf with cannabis can be accounted for as the foremost reasons for perceiving hemp as a harmful psychoactive substance. 

Hemp and Marijuana: The difference

The similarities between marijuana and hanf are observed in their relation to the Cannabis Sativa plant family. However, the most prominent difference between both of them can play a great role in assuming hemp as a reliable source of medication. Hemp does not contain THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in large amounts as marijuana. For clarification, THC is the substance in marijuana that causes the “high”. 

The amount of naturally occurring THC in hanf is around 0.3%. Furthermore, hemp oil extracts can assure reduction of THC levels to almost zero. In addition to these benefits, hemp and marijuana are known to contain many phytocannabinoids that provide health benefits. Some of the phytocannabinoids are cannabigerol and cannabidiol. To get an in-depth understanding of the health benefits of full spectrum hemp oil, let us outline them in detail as follows.

Dealing with the root cause of pain

The foremost influence of full spectrum hemp oil on our body is for fighting temporary inflammation. Inflammation is one of the reasons for prominent levels of pain in various tissues, joints as well as muscles. Research evidence has implied that cannabinoids in hemp oil have the capability for reducing the effects of temporary inflammation.

Reducing stress easily

The concerns of stress have increased gradually over recent years. Everyday stress has become a common phenomenon, especially with the pressure of deadlines on the job as well as demands of personal life. Hanf oil helps reduce any complaints arising from stress as cannabidiol (CBD) helps in reducing the production of cortisol in the body, thereby reducing concerns of stress. 

Better sleep

Almost 50% of people experience sleeplessness as well as difficulties in getting uninterrupted sleep. Changes in lifestyle or nutrition factors could help let you sleep peacefully. However, you could also use hemp oil for addressing the concerns of inadequate sleep and also resolve the problems that arise from the lack of sleep. 

Improved cardiovascular health

The ability of hanf oil in promoting better cardiovascular health is considered as a reasonable factor to choose it for better health benefits. The application of full spectrum hemp oil in reducing stress and helping improvements in sleep patterns could be noticeable motivations for improving the health of your heart. 

Research evidence also shows that cannabinoids could support the relaxation of blood vessels by widening them. This, in turn, helps support healthy levels of blood pressure in our bodies. Hemp oil also contains essential fatty oils that are suitable for your health. So, hemp oil turns out to be an effective solution for your different health problems. These benefits mentioned above stand as testaments for this fact!