How is card tricks in magic performed?


marked cards magic tricks

Magic is one of the most fascinating subjects out there. Not only small toddlers but also the adults are attracted to magic and tricks. Though magic is sometimes called illusion there are some elements of charting from the magician’s part. Now you may take the example of the simplest and most widely used magic trick out there that is card tricks. Card tricks are one of the most easy yet skillful magic tricks out there. But have you ever thought how the magicians guess your card right every since time? Well the key to that is cheating. Cheating in the sense that the magicians when performing these tricks do not use normal deck of cards. Tough is may seem to you that the deck of cards is an ordinary one but it is actually specially marked.

Know all about the marked cards used in magic tricks

Marked cards are one of the most widely used cheating devices there. These marked card magic tricks help the magicians perform their magic tricks. There are different types of marked cards out there. The primitive ones include block out, print out and cut out types. These three types are mostly visible to the naked eys this is called the primitive ones. The print out type has some small print on the back of the cards. The block out had some type of pattern on the back of the card. The cutout type has some kind of carvings on the back of the cards made by some craft knives. The newer and developed marked cards are however marked by invisible ink and barcode. Both these types need special types of analyzers. Infrared lenses or goggles for the first type and barcode analyzer for the second type.

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