How To Choose The Best Quality Foie Gras Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket?


    Foie gras is one of the most loved dishes around the world, and when the holiday season is around the corner it might just bring more definition to your love for cooking. But a lot of time when it comes to experimenting with new dishes, the expensiveness of ingredients can stop you from trying something new. But, not foie gras. Here is how to know which foie gras to buy in your budget without compromising on the quality.

    ·       Types Of Foie Gras

    There are different types of foie gras available in the market from different brands. The most common two types of foie gras are goose and duck. One of the best ways to differentiate between the two foie gras is by looking at the meat texture and color. The goose foie gras is paler in color and a bit firmer. These qualities making it more appropriate to be cooked with alcohol and spices. Meanwhile, duck foie gras is a bit different in taste and texture. Sometimes you will even notice a PGI stamp on the meat – an indication of good quality guaranteed in the south west of the corn feed ducks.

    Also, foie gras can weigh between 600g to 700g, which is heavier than duck foie gras weighing about 450g to 600g.

    This makes goose foie gras better but the bigger the bird the more fat in the liver reducing the meat left to eat after the cooking. The best way to buy the right foie gras is by following the regulated quality which is 400g goose liver and 300 g duck liver on an average. These are some good ways to determine the right foie gras in your budget, to choose which foie gras to buy between duck or goose go by the recipe.

    ·       Block or Whole?

    When you see “whole” written over the packing display it means that its entire meat used is from one animal. It is more expensive and it might not be in your budget. Go for the packages that just say “foie gras” they are less expensive as they are made of assembled lobes. Also, there is the third type of foie gras which is made of a reconstituted lover.

    Comparing quality and price, you will have more choice to while foie gras to buy –foie gras with a mixture of another product might go well with your budget but just in case if you are looking forward to spending more go for the pure one.