How to choose the Correct Upholstery?


Upholstery is a piece of cushion fabric that is added to the furniture for a stylish and comfortable touch. It is a complimentary feature of any kind of furniture in any kind of space. It gives a classy and graceful look to space due to its perfect finishing. Whenever you go to the market to buy furniture the first click on your mind is always of upholstery fabric. Then you think what kind of fabric is good for your home, whether it should be heavy or light depends upon the wear and tear it has to stand in your home. The second click is color, what color do you like, whether patterned or textured upholstery is suitable for your home theme or not. When you go to the market for upholstery shopping the following factors are necessary to keep in mind for correct selection.

  • Style

There are too many styles in the market but what to select depends upon your mood. It can be traditional or modern. You can select a patterned or textured fabric for your chairs but they must harmonize the background decorations. The basic purpose of the style should be comfort and elegance.

  • Color

It is the most important factor for upholstery selection. You should select a color with which you can stay for a long time. You should avoid bold colors for smaller spaces. Try cool colors to bring charm. Neutral colors are the best choice here.

  • Life span

The upholstery fabric must be of a long life span so it can withstand heavy wear and tear. Never choose a lightweight fabric for upholstery. Such as leather or microfiber fabric can withstand heavy stress for years.

  • Fade-resistant

Color fading fabrics are not good for upholstery because their color fades soon and look inappropriate in space. Some people place the furniture towards the sunlight exposure in that case if the color fades it’ll increase the expense to spend. So you should avoid color fading fabric. Color can be faded with heavy wear and tear so select carefully.

  • Mildew-Resistant

This precaution is for those people who live in a humid area, they should select a kind of fabric which is mildew resistant. If the fabric is vulnerable to mildew attack then you’d have to change it at short notices.

  • Anti-allergy

You should avoid fabric of macro fibers to avoid allergens because macro fiber can easily trap dust and allergens. Macro-fiber upholstery is not good for asthma patients because they are vulnerable to attract allergens.

  • Special selection for Pets and Kids

Silk and delicate fabric is vulnerable to be damaged by the nails of pets or toys of kids who are sharing the same furniture. You should select a pet-friendly fabric or the fabric which can withstand such stress.

  • Cost-Effective

You must have to select furniture upholstery for your home in your pocket range. It does not mean that you can choose any fabric but you have to select a kind of fabric with maximum qualities under your budget. If your selected fabric is out of your budget then you should change your standards.