How to Get 4,000 Watch Hours on YouTube


With the latest updates on YouTube to make it a better platform for the viewers, it has become impossible for the small or new channels to get their channel to monetize. Earlier, the algorithm was based on the view count. However, after the update, the Watch time is now ranking at the top. If your watch time is more than your video will be promoted by youtube through recommendation and searching, resulting in increasing the count of views. The reason behind this change was to keep your viewers engaged till the end. And if the metric of your video is high, then you can understand that followers are genuinely watching your videos. Also, your client who pays for advertisements will have a faith that people are watching your videos and not clicking and exiting. The evolution of monetization to become YouTube partner’s criteria says that you need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4000 hours of the time that user view in 12 months period. And for this solution you can visit you can get this by visiting But you do not need to worry about the metrics and any issues and they are available for you anytime. 

How Famous follower can help you with the watch time and views: 

There are people on the Internet who will claim to give you video watch hours, but most of them are scams. If you’re looking for a legitimate website, you can visit Famous follower. They provide you the paid service, and you can get 4,000 watch hours at an affordable price. Rather than falling for Internet scams and visiting fake websites, visit the real one. Further you should try these tips and techniques to increase the view time. And if your content is good, the viewers will come and see your videos.

Analyze The Current Scenario: 

Before improving the metric of view time, you need to take a look at the current scenario. You can view it on the profile of your YouTube. Look at the analytics and see the amount of time people spent watching your videos. It will help you to improve the content.

Post The Video At The Right Time: 

Uploading a video at a perfect time where your viewers will be free, and most of the viewers are available on the weekends. If your viewers are accessible, they are most likely to view your videos, and this will increase the view time metric. And try to avoid uploading videos mostly on Mondays.

Maintain A Playlist: 

If your videos are available on different niches, then it is advised to maintain a playlist. Through this, the viewers can watch it in a sequence results in an increase of the Watch time.