How to remove Raccoons if they are hiding in the attic?


    If you are living anywhere near San Antonio, then you will notice a common problem that is you Weill get with the many critters which will come from the jungles and the forest and they will enter your house through an open window or even through the chimney on top.

    Many times there are little raccoons that will climb down from the chimney or they will enter into any exhaust pipes and will hide there to protect themselves from any danger that they are facing outside like bigger animals or climatic effects so they will need to take shelter.

    Raccoons are said to be the smallest and also the most dangerous and aggressive animals and also they are very clever so you will need to be very careful if even one of the raccoon enters your house then you should seek professional help rather than removing them yourselves.

    They are animals who work on their instincts and do not have an intention to hurt anyone by their own will, but they only attack those people who they feel are threatening them or is a problem for them.

    They are very small in looks, but they weigh anything around 20 pounds which is their average weight, and they like small, cold, dry and empty space to create their nest so that they can hide there during their breeding season and hibernate there until their time is over.

    So it is strongly suggested that if you are facing any Raccoon problem, then you should contact the San Antonio animal control service where they will provide you with a healthy and also safer solution that too from professionals who have dealt with these animals before also.

    The removal process of Raccoons

    To remove a Raccoon, we will first come and examine the problem which you are facing with the particular animal, and there are many types of problem which are faced that is the Raccoons either make their nest in the attic, or also they make their nest in the basement and also the exhaust pipes, so each problem have different ways to remove them.

    There are basically two ways in which you can deal with these raccoons you can either remove them and then place them somewhere outside after putting them out of their conscious or the other way is to kill them and throw them away in the jungle, and the best way is to gas them to knock them out and then remove them from your house.

    The process before the removal is that the team will first come to check which type of problem you are fading as discussed above and then they will check which type of raccoon either a big or a small baby is hiding.

    Then they will find any weak spots near to the Raccoons hiding spot and then depending upon your choice of removal they will act like if killing they will shoot it and another they will subdue it and transport it to the wildlife.

    I hope you get some valuable information from this article.