Is it possible to use a storage unit for an office?

Businessman closing door of storage unit office

It’s not hard to see that after a year of restrictions, lockdowns, and being at home, many people are tired of working in their spare rooms or on the kitchen table. What about working out of a storage unit?

We’re here to help you, whether you’re a business owner or an employee looking for a change. From the top tips to running a successful self-storage facility, to the best ways to use it as an office, we can answer the burning question.

You cannot legally register self-storage units as your business location. You also can’t invite employees to use it as their official office space. Insurance reasons and the fact that most storage units don’t have wifi, plug sockets, or natural lighting make it impossible to set up storage facilities for occupants are two reasons why this is true.

However, you can use it to store stock, tools, or packing orders. It can also be used as a quiet area to do productive work.

What kinds of businesses can you operate from a storage unit.

Are you an online seller but your space is outgrowing your product? Many e-commerce sellers find that their spare space, garden shed, or dining room table is no longer sufficient. A storage unit is an ideal place to store your stock safely and securely, regardless of whether you are an independent seller or if you sell goods through third-party sites. You can also use it to pack orders. To ensure that you don’t store prohibited items, make sure you check what you can put in the storage unit before getting started.

  • Contractors and tradesmen: For many tradesmen like electricians, tilers, and joiners, it can be hard to find a safe place to store valuable tools and equipment. It’s also not a good idea for your van to hold all your tools overnight. Self-storage is ideal for tradesmen who don’t need all their tools at once or those who work in many different industries that require a variety of equipment.
  • Professional services while most information can be stored in databases or the cloud, many documents still need to remain in paper form for professionals such as accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors. It can also be overwhelming to deal with the volume of paperwork and confidential information, especially when you work remotely. Self-storage units are a great solution. They offer a secure and private place to store sensitive information, without the need for costly offices.
  • Sales and vents: Organizing events or sales requires a lot of organizational skills, as well as a lot of information, documentation, and other necessary equipment. Self-storage is the ideal place to store your marketing collateral, brochures, and other promotional materials, as well as props and information about clients.

What are some of the advantages of running a business out of a storage unit?

Self-storage facilities can be used for your business in many ways, even if it isn’t an office space.


  • Affordable: From utility bills to service changes, renting office space or warehouse space can come with many hidden costs. Self-storage facilities can be a more cost-effective alternative to commercial space and are much more affordable.
  • Flexible: self-storage offers you the flexibility to grow or shrink your business at your own pace. You might initially want to store some important documents but later need to store large quantities of office furniture. Self-storage units make this possible because you can easily scale up and down to suit your needs.
  • Convenient when it comes to managing your business, there is so much to do that it can be difficult to keep track of all the details. Additional services, such as a dispatch service that accepts deliveries and sends parcels on your behalf, can help our customers manage their time better so they can concentrate on the important things.
  • Storage space frees up: For many customers, lack of storage space is the primary reason to invest in storage space. Your personal space can be invaded by stock or you may find yourself working among stacks of legal documents and paper. Self storage allows business owners to reclaim their space, which can increase productivity and reduce stress.

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