Key guidelines to consider when choosing clothes for paddle boarding



Every sport or activity has a particular dress code that is chosen to help the participants feel comfortable as well as enjoy the activity freely. These attires are picked depending on where the activity takes place and any precautions that need to be taken. This is no different when it comes to paddle boarding. Paddle boarding takes place outdoors and in water. Thus, choosing the right clothing is paramount so as to enjoy the activity without being subjected to the harsh weather conditions. If you choose correctly, you will be able to use your inflatable stand up paddleboards through many seasons. You will also be able to remain safe even when you fall off your board. Thus, some guidelines that can help you the next time you go shopping for paddle boarding clothing include;


The weather is not constant throughout the year, it keeps changing. This means that the water conditions also keep changing. When choosing the right outfit to wear on your paddle boards, you need to consider this and dress appropriately. Summer tends to be easiest to dress for as the sun is quite hot. During these months, you can opt for light clothing such as a t-shirt or vest and some board shorts. You an also go for swimsuit. Spring and autumn may be a bit chilly and thus, you need to start layering. You can add a waterproof jacket to your summer ensemble, get body warmers or even invest in a good wetsuit. During winter, you should consider buying a thick wetsuit with a hood, neoprene gloves and thick neoprene boots. The colder it gets the more layering up you should do.


Despite which season it is, you should be able to have fun on your inflatable stand up paddleboards and make it back safely. In order for this to happen, you need to stay safe. A life jacket is one of the things that you should never forget. When you are out on the water, the weather might change suddenly. The winds could become too strong and keep sending you under water. A life jacket will help to keep you floating even as you move towards safety. When choosing clothing, also avoid cotton. It soaks up water really quickly and it will weigh you down or leave you wearing wet clothes. This might lead to hypothermia if you in for too long.

Sun protection

While on you are enjoying time on the paddle boards, it is important to keep in mind protection from the sun. If you stay too long in the sun, you are likely to get sun burns. You should also remember that prolonged sun exposure puts you at a risk of sin cancer. Therefore, you should protect yourself. Put on sunscreen regularly. Carry it with you so that you can reapply every few hours. Also carry a hat to protect your face for direct rays. Last but not least, get some sunglasses. You can get a leash or a headband to keep them in place.