Lavish Breasts and The Best Time for The Videos


According to the experts, when the woman gives birth the baby initiates elaborate stimuli in the region, sending signals to the brain, which releases oxytocin from the hypothalamus to favor breastfeeding. This is also the hormone responsible for keeping the mother’s attention focused on the baby. Therefore, the newborn becomes the most important thing in the world for women and makes caring for and nurturing it a satisfying experience, forming the strongest and most lasting bond of all. And essentially when a partner stimulates the female breasts, the same series of brain events that happened during breastfeeding begins. The MILF porn stars can lactate and show it on the videos, you would enjoy it.

  • Video sex is fairly well known, so it can’t be entered as exotic. Those companies that have organized such an unusual type of men’s “leisure” earn good money, because for any product there is a buyer.
  • Some psychologists believe that the popularity of this type of “recreation” among men is due to the fact that men feel really welcome with such communication.

So what is pushing men to pick up the video and dial the sex service number? The main factor is the exciting voice of the operator. It must be said that among all types of voices the most exciting is the low voice. Those women who have a high and thin voice to conquer the “televideo” molested, we must speak a little slower and quieter. In this case, the breath should be felt in the chest, but not in the stomach.

Video sex

As for the conversation-revelation, everything is more complicated. Those girls who work as sex operators in such companies are constantly undergoing trainings and consultations with psychologists. But that’s not all. The fact is that such virtual “priestess-love” must constantly improve themselves, i.e. watch movies of relevant content, read erotic literature, etc. Even erotic essays are not prohibited. All this contributes to the development of fantasy and sexual liberation. Let even the tele video.

Why does this happen?

Science still cannot explain in detail and exactly why heterosexual men have a passion for breasts, but some theories already exist to try to unravel this mystery.