Lighting for Your Pool to Suit all Tastes


When building a swimming pool, you can choose any equipment you want. If hydromassage, water heating, or aeromassage are additional functions, lighting installation is important as this ensures the safety at night and adds aesthetics. Underwater lights clearly highlight the edges of a bowl in the dark and make the night swimming more comfortable.

Types of Pool Lighting

You can illuminate the pool from the outside or inside, as well as use additional light sources along the edges. The following poor lighting options will create a pleasant environment:

  • General. This is designed to illuminate the pool surface and the surrounding area. Ceiling and wall lights are used for indoor pools, spotlights are used for outdoor ones.
  • Underwater. This assumes the installation of lamps on the walls along the sides and the bottom. The number of devices depends on the size and depth of a bowl.
  • Floating. Floating lanterns are used that are hermetically sealed balls with a lamp inside powered by a battery. 

What Should You Take Into Account Before

It is necessary to know that the lighting installation shouldn’t create discomfort while swimming. Its task is to create coziness and safety by illuminating completely all elements of a pool bowl. Take into account the following things:

  • Lamps should be placed in the way so that the light doesn’t create glares on the water which can blind a man;
  • Lighting should make all parts of the structure visible, especially the steps, decorative elements, and the bottom surface.


You should think about the need to illuminate your pool at the design stage. This is important because making changes after the construction is ready for the operation will be extremely difficult or impossible. Before installing the pool lighting, it is important to consider a number of the requirements relating primarily to the safety and comfort of swimmers.