Myths about astrology you wish you knew earlier.


Even though the art of interpreting the stars to learn about our lives has been practised for over a thousand years, it continues to be incredibly misinterpreted. Although reading editorialised horoscopes in publications is amusing, it doesn’t fully express the significance of this useful method we can use to get across the environment, which is why you should talk to astrologer to get a deeper understanding.

In actuality, astrology gives every individual the ability to, in a certain small manner, take charge of their lives and, eventually, realise their unique destiny. But some misunderstandings must be dispelled to apply this helpful concept.

Numerous people are horoscope readers and are aware of their sun sign. Even though you may already be aware of your moon and ascending signs, astrology has much more to offer than just dating advice and information about how the new moon will affect you.

Myth 1: Astrology is illogical.

Reality: Astrology is exact and built on mathematics.

Every so often, scientists, academicians, and other sceptics repeat the same old argument that astrology is inaccurate due to the precession of the equinoxes. This astronomical term describes how all zodiac signs are off by a month because the earth’s axial tilt shifts over time. Additionally, according to astronomers, astrologers are allegedly unaware of a thirteenth sign.

Numerous astrologers responded to these concepts in writing, including a dazzling and thorough article by Deborah Houlding. Deborah Houlding, a seasoned British astrologer and director of the School of Traditional Astrology, dissects all the claims made by the sceptics in an essay. She quotes Tetrabiblos (among others), a 2nd-century work by Ptolemy, in response to those who claim that astrology is incorrect because of the precession of the equinoxes, explaining why astrologers do not consider this phenomenon.

If you talk to astrologer, you will learn that astrology is grounded on fundamental mathematics. The 365 days in a year form the basis of the 360-degree circle diagram. The two astronomical points known as the equinoxes and the two astronomical positions known as the solstices, which occur when the sun’s course crosses the celestial equator, split the circle in half equally. This served as the ancients’ technique for determining where the four cardinal signs should be placed in the zodiac.

Myth 2: Your horoscope is determined solely by the zodiac sign under which you were born.

Reality: You have a complete chart.

For example, if someone asks what your sign is, you might have always said, “I’m a Taurus.” But in reality, you’re claiming that the sun was in Taurus the moment you were born.

There are many other planets in your astrological chart beside the sun, as our solar system extends well beyond the star at its heart. Your chart contains the moon and all of the other stars and planets, as well as several asteroids.

Another important aspect of your emotional make-up is the moon’s position in your chart. It may represent your bond with your parents, how you process emotions and deal with difficult situations and the factors that provide you with a sense of security and safety.

Myth 3: The primary goal of astrology is to determine your horoscope.

Reality: Astrology has a wide range of applications outside of horoscopes.

Many individuals believe that horoscopes are the only purpose of astrology. However, everything can have a birth chart, also known as a natal chart. This includes a nation, business, pet, last celebration, last romance, and even last post. A handful of astrology’s numerous applications are listed here:

  1. Mundane Astrology:Mundus, the Latin word for “world,” is the origin of the term “mundane” in the phrase “mundane astrology.” This astrology uses the stars to decipher current affairs, nations, and global trends.
  1. Horary astrology:It is commonly used to answer yes-or-no questions with deadlines, typically seasonal or three months. Will I achieve anyone this autumn? Or Will I get contacted for that job are some questions you might ask. You may even use it to locate misplaced items like your TV remote.
  1. Electional astrology:This type determines the best moment to do something. Use it to organise significant occasions like surgery, marriages, or company launches.

Myth 4: Astrology is only an entertaining hobby.

Reality: Astrology requires extensive study.

Live astrology horoscope reading is a popular pastime for many people who find it amusing. Astrology is much more than just a passing interest.

Karma and rebirth play a major role in Vedic astrology. The idea that a person’s spirit departs from their body after death is widely held. The subconscious mind, which includes all of an individual’s memories, sentiments, feelings, wants, activities, and, of course, their collected karma, travels with the spirit according to Vedic tradition.