Ordering a Pizza in Montreal? Then, Here’s What Will Help You


Enjoying a slice of fresh pizza is a heavenly experience that every foodie should get to live. Easier said than done, though. Very few pizza houses in Montreal like the Double Pizza, pizza hut actually offer the rich and creamy fresh flavors that, once tasted, will never leave your memory. Once you’ll taste their food, it’ll be hard for you to like food at other places because of the following reasons.

  • They do not use stale ingredients, ever. All their meats and veggies are fresh and the dough that’s used to make the pizza base is kneaded fresh as well. 
  • They do not use frozen/stored pizza bases. This is the one reason that Double Pizza delivery might take a few extra minutes, but the quality and taste that you’ll be served with will be worth the wait. 
  • Since every single pizza base is cooked fresh, they’re extra crispy and juicy just to the right amount. 
  • Last, none of the flavors, herbs, or spices that they use are artificial. They use all natural products that will never harm you.

The above listed benefits of ordering from Double Pizza are quite special on their own. And on top of these benefits, there are some more – like combo deals and loyalty programs – that make this pizza house ever better. 

Have a Look

  1. They Offer Wonderful Combo Deals

Double Pizza currently runs three combo deals – one for takeaway orders and two for online orders – that we have listed below for you. 

  1. C2 Special Deal – This deal is applicable for online orders and starts at 23.99 dollars. It offers a combo pack of 2 medium pizzas, one packet of medium fries, and a 2L Pepsi bottle. 
  2. Game Night Special – Another deal for online orders, this one starts at 21.99 dollars and is more than sufficient for one person. It offers 8 chicken wings with any one sauce of your choice, a small packet of fries, and one large pizza.
  3. Pickup Special – This exclusive deal is for takeaways. It offers you the choice to buy one large cheese or pepperoni pizza at 10.74 dollars and/or one large all-dressed pizza at 13.74 dollars. 
  4. They Run Attractive Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs by Double Pizza are for online orders made via their website only. 

  • Every 5 dollar is equal to 1 loyalty point. And 30 loyalty points will earn you one large all dressed pizza or any three toppings from the exclusive Double Cheese menu. 
  • Soon after you join their Double Pizza text offers, you’ll be given a free medium cheese or pepperoni pizza. This offer is, however, only for the second order that you place if your first order after the subscription was worth 30 dollars or more. 

Do check out their website, Double Pizza, for any other information.