Plan an epic Valentine’s Day for your fanciest gal


Let’s be honest: Valentine’s Day is going to be a tad different than the previous years. Fortunately enough, you can still celebrate it in a great way with the same love, romance, candies, and candles. Although your options might be limited, it’s still doable. Cheer up, love! Allow us to introduce you to some of the brilliant ways. Shall we? Come, we have something amazing for you and her. 

Despite the unprecedented times, you can celebrate love with our enlisted list of fancy Valentine’s Day ideas. Just how your lady likes it! Here’s what you can do: 

  1. Surprise her with premium Valentine’s chocolates 

Nothing speaks love more than exclusive Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes, especially personalised ones! So, if you’re looking for the best online Valentine’s Day gifts for her, give a premium chocolate box engraved with a special message. It’s indeed a great Valentine’s Day gift for your wife or your girlfriend that has a sweet tooth. 

  1. Rent a cosy cabin in the woods 

Are you planning a getaway during Valentine’s week with your partner? In that case, we have a perfect way to organise a Valentine’s Day surprise out of the city. This V-Day, rent a cosy cabin in the woods to escape into the wilderness, relax by the fire, and enjoy some hot cocoa with your partner. 

  1. Take her vintage shopping 

If she loves all things vintage, she is already going to love a date at a vintage thrift shop. Go on a scavenger hunt with her, even if she doesn’t have anything in particular to purchase. You know why? Well, that’s because the items available at the store might simply spark a conversation of bygone eras between the two of you. Quite interesting, right? 

  1. Go for a pizza tasting 

She loves pizza, doesn’t she? Well, in that case, plan a Valentine’s Day surprise for her and take her for pizza tasting this year. All you have to do is go around different restaurants in the city known for their pizzas. Visit as many places that you can think of and rate their pizza on a scale of one to 10 with your girl. 

  1. Visit a botanical garden together 

This Valentine’s Day, think beyond the traditional red roses. Show your beau around a botanical garden of beautiful flowers. Not only does it make a perfect excuse for a nature walk but also ensures its picturesque beauty lets you click many pictures with your partner. 

  1. Plan a spa date 

Rather than stressing yourself out to plan a grand evening, choose something more intimate and rejuvenating this year. Book the two of you for a relaxing spa date at a beautiful wellness center. You can even enjoy your privacy at a retreat in the lapse of nature. Either way, be sure to regain your mental peace for a happier future with a spa date. 

  1. Spend the night at a fancy hotel

There is nothing better than enjoying luxe services in a deluxe room or a suite at a hotel with your partner. Check-in at a hotel with your beau and make the day special together. Be ready to change into plush bathrobes, enjoy a scrumptious breakfast spread, and celebrate this Valentine’s in the fanciest way possible. 

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to go above and beyond your mundane routine to tell your favourite gal how much she means to you. Go that extra mile, think out-of-the-box, and make this year worth it with our list of ideas. You can even top it all off with the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for her. You’re about to win her heart, gentlemen. Hallelujah!