Pros and cons of having a dog in an office


There is nothing more calming for an office environment than a dog. They can diffuse any stressful situation, making your staff feel looked after and happy while they work. They can also be an excellent way to keep the office social and light – and yet it isn’t all fetching and walkies.

There are things to consider when it comes to having a dog in the office, and it’s more than which of the best dog food UK you plan to have stocked. You need to think about whether you are even allowed to have dogs in your office building, whether people are afraid of dogs and whether you can manage to continue your business activities when you are distracted by a pretty, pretty dog. So, with that in mind, let’s look at the most common pros and cons of having a dog in the office.


Stress Reduction

We’ve mentioned this briefly, but dogs are excellent tools for helping people to manage their stress. As long as a dog is well behaved in the office, they do an excellent job of providing something to cuddle when things get too overwhelming.

More Activity

The dog allows your staff to be social, and a dog forces you out for a walk at least once in the working day. You may have to put these walks on a rota, though, as everyone is going to want to get involved.

Better Productivity

Dogs lighten the mood in the office, and as that’s excellent for stress, staff are more motivated to work hard. A dog brings a smile, making the mood lighter and happier in the office space, and increasing productivity at the same time.



Many people who suffer from allergies with pets around also suffer from dog allergies. Fur, skin, and even their saliva can set off allergies in some. It may not be practical to have a dog in the office if anyone suffers from their health. This will reduce productivity, which is the exact opposite of what you want to achieve.


Dog fear? It’s common. Some people don’t know how to manage that fear, and so they’d spend that time in the office half-tense in fright. The best thing would be not to introduce a dog if there is anyone afraid of them – it wouldn’t be fair to make them work in a situation that made them uncomfortable.


Your dog may have the best dog food, but they still will badger your staff for their food if they catch them eating. The best thing here would be to isolate the dog during lunchtime so that they don’t end up with tidbits from fifty different people and become Hulk dogs.

When it comes down to it, having a dog in the office can be excellent for the health of your staff, and the workplace becomes far more enjoyable. Take the time to get to know whether your employees will be happy with a dog around, and then make it happen!