There are numerous reasons your garage door is not opening properly. If your garage door doesn’t open all the way, you might need to replace the problematic part. To detect that problematic part and fix a garage door that’s not open, contact an expert garage door organization like RW garage doors that understands your door structure well.

We have listed the most well-known reasons your garage door will not open:


The photo-eye is a pea-sized safety sensor on the garage door. Its responsibility is to identify an individual or object in the door’s way. If you hear a clicking noise or do not see a beam of the laser from the garage door opener, there may be an issue with the photo-eye.

Since photo eyes are sensitive, there are several reasons the photo-eye could be out of alignment. Try these remedies for realigning photo eyes:

-Clean the photo-eye

Sometimes the photo-eye sensor might get blocked dirt, which is why it disrupts the movement of the garage door. Cleaning the photo-eye can solve this problem right away. 

-Remove larger obstructions:

If there is something in the door’s way or something in the path of the photo eye’s beam, the door won’t close. Check that the path is clear and remove any object blocking the doorway. However, it is advised that you do this really carefully or call for professional help. RW garage door is the best garage door repair Portland services.

 -Inspect the alignment of the two pieces of photo-eye:

Photo-eye allows the door movement when both the parts receive a laser beam from another end. If any part is misaligned, the door won’t function. The parts can be misaligned due to rough weather or continuous use. Check that both the parts are at equal distance and aligned.

Check the wiring of the photo eyes:

The photo-eye is connected with a wire to the door. If that wire is somehow damaged, the photo-eye won’t work. Check if the wire is ripped or cut. If so, you need to replace the photo-eye sensor.


A tension spring controls the movement f the garage door. If by any chance that spring is broken, it can hinder the movement of the door. Generally, old garage doors can also face the problem due to continuous use or wear and tear of the springs due to harsh weather or no proper maintenance.

Both automatic and the manual garage door have these tension springs that offset its weight for smooth movement. Two springs are horizontally aligned with the width of the door, while two extension springs control the vertical movement of the door i.e., lifts and lower the door smoothly.

The following can be the reason for broken tension springs:

-Wear and tear over the years


-Irregular and poor maintenance

A garage door is used almost every day and multiple times a year. Depending on the rating of your tension springs, they could last several years before they need to be replaced. You could hear the loud noise of a spring rupture from inside the house.

Tension springs usually last several years before getting ruptured. The durability of the springs depends upon the quality of the springs used in the door. If a spring gets ruptured, you can easily detect it as rupturing creates a loud sound.

You can detect the broken springs by the following sign:

-The door is not moving even though the motor is running.

-You hear a loud sound like a firecracker coming from your house.

-The garage door feels heavy as you manually maneuver it.

-Straining noises from the garage door.


An automatic garage door is controlled with either the wall-mounted panel or remote control. The door opens whenever the button on the panel or remote. A signal is sent to the garage door whenever the button is pressed, thus the door initiates the movement.

If your garage door is not opening after pressing the button, there might be an issue with the remote control. Here are some ways to troubleshoot your remote control:

-Get in range of the garage door:

Try getting closer to the garage door while operating from a remote control.

-Fix the Antenna:

The antenna might not be catching the signal. Try checking that the antenna is visible and nothing is blocking its path.

-Replace the battery:

Weak batteries could also be the reason for the problem. If your garage door opens after multiple presses of the button then try replacing the batteries in the remote control.

-Reprogram the remote:

Check the manual of the remote control to reprogram it.

-Install an app:

You can install an app to control the door directly from the mobile. It will discard the need for remote control and the hassle of changing the batteries or reprogramming.

-Check the door control wiring

If you have tried everything and still the door won’t open, then the reason could be the wiring of the door. Try disconnecting the wires from the motor and the opener and then reconnect.


There could be some other major issues with your garage door that aren’t mentioned here. Maybe the door needs a whole new set of springs or the cables are distorted. Or the door itself has worn off. In any case, it is advised to check for the above-mentioned problems as these are the common issues of the garage doors that can be repaired easily inexpensively. However, at any point you feel you are not sure to carry out repairs, contact an expert right away. If you are searching for garage door repair Portland then RW garage door is the best service you should opt.